Plebs has made a triumphant return to ITV 2 but who is the episode 1 addition Tamla Kari?

ITV 2’s Roman sitcom Plebs made a triumphant return to our screens on September 30th and as well as showing off our favourite terrible trio getting into all sorts of bother once again, the series 5 premiere introduced us to a number of new characters from vineyard owner Atlas to starry-eyed farmhand Vulcan.

However, it was another new character who debuted in the season 5 opener that caught our eye and indeed the eye of the flirtatious Jason who wastes no time getting acquainted with Tamla Kari’s character.

But just who is Tamla Kari and where might have fans of the ITV 2 comedy seen her before?

Plebs’ series 5 return

As mentioned, after a year away from our screens, Plebs made a rip-roaring return to our screens on September 30th with a double bill of new episodes.

It is the first episode which we’ll focus on here and it opens with Marcus, Jason and Grumio on a Roman road trip to Tuscany in search of some wine to stock up their bar.

However, nothing ever quite goes to plan and after crashing their cart and killing a valuable truffle pig in the process, the trio end up at Atlas’s vineyard, where the wine may not be as good as Tuscany’s but it’s far cheaper.

Naturally, very little goes to plan and the gang leave the vineyard with nothing but a piece of badger dung to show for their efforts. 

Who is Tamla Kari and who does she play?

During the trio’s visit to Atlas’s vineyard, they come across Calypso, Atlas’s rather attractive daughter, played by 31-year-old actress Tamla Kari. 

Naturally, the flirtatious Jason is quick to jump at any opportunity and the pair have at it, as it were, in the vineyard’s titular soggy ditch.

The Coventry-born actress makes for the perfect addition to the show, even if her appearance was only brief, after a career featuring plenty of comedy along the same lines as Plebs.

What else has Tamla Kari been in?

The 31-year-old actress made her acting debut as Lucy in 2011’s The Inbetweeners Movie but it wasn’t long before she became a regular feature on our TV screens.

In 2012, Tamla made several appearances in the BBC comedy-drama Being Human before going on to earn roles in the likes of Cuckoo, alongside Greg Davies, and The Job Lot.

Arguably Tamla’s biggest role to date came in the BBC series The Musketeers which featured actors such as Peter Capaldi and Rupert Everett among others.

In more recent times, Tamla has gone onto earn roles in series such as Vera and Call the Midwife before obviously landing her single-episode appearance in Plebs.

Whether we’ll see Tamla again in series 5 of Plebs remains to be seen, and looks unlikely if IMDb is to be believed, but regardless of that, the series continues on Monday, October 7th at 10pm on ITV 2.