Plebs is back on ITV 2 and fans of the Roman-themed sitcom are thrilled to have Ryan Sampson’s Grumio back on their screens.

The fifth series of ITV 2’s Plebs is now upon us after the first two episodes hit our screens on September 30th and it’s safe to say that fans of the show were overjoyed at its return and the reappearance of fan-favourite Grumio.

Ryan Sampson retains the role that he’s made his own over the past four series and brings Grumio back to our screens in typically lethargic and food-hunting style.

The Roman slave was always set to be a hit with viewers for his no-nonsense attitude wildly wonderful adventures, if you can call them that, and thankfully, Grumio appears to be back in top form in Plebs’ fifth series.

Episodes 1 & 2 recap

Series 5 hit our screens in typically hilarious fashion as Marcus, Jason and Grumio happen upon a rural vineyard as their wine-buying trip to Tuscany takes a fortuitously wrong turn.

Despite an initially warm welcome, each of them gets wonderfully into trouble. From killing a valuable truffle pig and sleeping with the town’s most attractive girl to stealing a jar full of valuable and delicious truffles, resulting in mounting problems and the gang being chased out of camp with an angry mob on their tail.

Episode 2 sees our terrible trio back in Rome with Grumio searching out a free lunch with rather combative results, Marcus helping out Gloria’s son, Barney, with his school work and Jason taking on the task of helping Barney with catching the eye of the prettiest girl at school, as expected, nothing goes to plan. 

Grumio’s best bits

In typical fashion, Grumio steals the show in both episodes with his truffle-hunting antics in episode one and boxing prowess in episode 2.

The first episode sees Grumio experience the delight of truffles for the first time and quickly sets about snaffling the whole jar of the valuable fungus. 

Unsurprisingly, he gets caught and ends up taking on the role of a truffle pig with hilarious results as all he can sniff out is badger droppings.

Episode two quickly follows suit with Grumio inadvertently getting mistaken for a schoolchild and in his quest for a free lunch is drafted into an under 14s boxing team. He’s seen as a real boxing protege until he comes up against the toughest school in Rome where he’s quickly put back in his place.  

Fan reactions to Grumio’s season 5 return

Thanks to his hilarious antics, Grumio has become a firm fan-favourite since Plebs first hit our screens and viewers were not let down by his return in series 5.

Plebs, featuring more glorious Grumio goings-on, continues on Monday, October 7th at 10pm on ITV 2.

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