Explained has just returned to Netflix for a second season but we’ve already come up with some topics we’d love to see in a possible season 3.

Netflix is renowned for its fascinating and enthralling drama series but in recent times to keep its audience coming back, the content that the streaming service has been churning out has needed to change and, as a result, we’ve seen the rise in more non-fiction content such as documentaries and reality/competition series.

One such docuseries that’s been catching viewers’ attention is Explained, a collaboration between the streaming service and Vox Media.

The series looks to take some of the most fascinating and sometimes controversial topics and places them firmly under the microscope.

The newly released season 2, which is currently airing each week, is set to cover topics ranging from billionaires and cults to animal intelligence and pirates.

But if the series was renewed for a third season, what would it cover? Well, we’ve compiled a list of topics that we’d love to see explained.

What is Explained?

Explained is a docuseries that was born via a collaboration between streaming service Netflix and media company Vox to, err, explain a variety of topics.

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The series, over two seasons, has looked at the likes of cryptocurrency, monogamy and the racial wealth gap among other things. 

Each episode is narrated by a well-known personality, whether they be Hollywood actors or simply knowledgable in the subject which adds a nice variety to each episode. 

The release of season 2

Season 2 of explained made its debut on September 26th, 2019 with each of the new 10 episodes hitting the streaming service weekly.

The first episode out of the box was Cults, Explained which takes a look at the fanatical groups and the almost deified leaders that oversee them. 

Other episodes in the upcoming season include billionaires, diamonds and animal intelligence among other things. 

What we want to see in season 3

While a third season of Explained has yet to be confirmed, in the event that it is, there are several topics that we’re hugely curious about and would love for them to be given the Explained treatment.


As a fan of Formula 1, this writer doesn’t really question why we as a species have a desire to race incredibly fast and incredibly dangerous cars round in circles for hours at a time.

But thinking about it, it’s a strange concept. Why on Earth do humans risk life and limb to compete in motorsport? How did the first motorsport events come about? Is it all worth the risk?

All of these, we feel, make excellent questions that an episode of Explained would do wonders to answer.


At first, we thought about including movies on this list; why do we enjoy sitting in a dark room and watching a big screen for two hours?

But then looking deeper, each film, each book, each TV show, contains a story of some sort but what is it that separates the good stories from the bad ones and how has storytelling become such a crucial aspect of human existence?


With the political climate here in the UK in total upheaval thanks to the poisoned chalice that is Brexit, we think that a lot of people would appreciate having the whole sorry situation explained.

From the origins of the UK’s apparent disdain for the EU to how the referendum campaign was conducted and finally what consqeunces the UK faces for leaving the political bloc. 

Thankfully, given the totally incompetent handling of the whole process, Brexit is unlikely to disappear overnight and would be perfect for an episode of Explained.

Video Games

Onto a slightly less divisive topic now but one that still proves to be troublesome, video games.

Video games in and of themselves are a work of magic. With a funny shaped controller in your hand, you can manipulate what happens on your TV in a feat of sheer scientific genius. 

From humble beginnings with the likes of Pong, the video games industry has grown into an absolute behemoth, with multi-billion dollar corporations now turning games into effectively virtual casinos.

But just how did we get from those aforementioned humble beginnings and end up with the microtransaction-riddled live services we have today?


This is a topic that could fit well into Explained’s spin-off series, The Mind, Explained, but it would be a fitting addition to the standard series regardless.

Surely, you must have wondered why we, as humans, have feelings and emotions and aren’t cold-hearted computers.

It’s something that’s often explored in films such as Blade Runner but learning more about the science behind it all would no doubt be fascinating. 

Global Warming/Climate Change

A pertinent topic given the recent publicity of climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

While we all know deep down that there is a looming problem on the horizon, little is widely known about the exact causes of climate change and what the possible effects might be besides rising sea levels.

A proper delve into the topic on Explained would surely be most welcome.

Space Exploration

And the final addition to our list is space exploration which could be rather important if climate change does, in fact, destroy our planet. 

We all know about the moon landings and putting the Curiosity rover on Mars but just where did human desire to explore space come from? How did the first space explorations come about? Could we really, as a species, find a new home somewhere amongst the stars? 

Whether or not a possible season 3 for Explained arrives at all remains to be seen but hopefully, if it does, we can see some more fascinating topics, not unlike the ones we’ve suggested, covered by the series. 

In the meantime, episode 2 of Explained’s second season hits Netflix on October 3rd, 2019.

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