Mario Kart Tour: How to easily get Super Horns to land five hits

Mario Kart Tour How To Get Super Horns To Land Five Hits

Everything you must know about how to get Super Horns in Mario Kart Tour to complete the 'land five hits' challenge.

Mario Kart Tour is now available on iOS and Android and its launch is pretty bizarre thanks to the notable omissions of both Luigi and - more importantly - multiplayer. With that being said, the game is still a decent distraction that the biggest Nintendo fanatics will want to check out, as well as those craving a nostalgia rush without wanting to own a Nintendo console. If you're one of the many people currently hooked on the latest mobile craze, then below you'll discover how to easily get Super Horns to complete its 'land five hits' challenge.

As if you don't already know, there's been some backlash to Mario Kart Tour's launch thanks to its "garbage microtransactions" and "out-of-touch with reality" gold pass. This has led to accusations that the game is "too cynical to be fun," and that it's just another mobile game racing for your money.

Still, if you don't care about any of that and just want to enjoy completing the game's challenges and climbing up its tiers, then this guide will help you to easily attain Super Horns to quickly land five hits.

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What are Super Horns in Mario Kart Tour?

Acquiring Super Horns is fundamental to completing the 'Land five hits with the Super Horn' challenge/achievement. But what exactly is a Super Horn?

Well, to be blunt, the Super Horn is one of many weapons in Mario Kart Tour. You of course have the world's most crippling and annoying turtle shells to deploy and cry about, but you also have the Super Horn.

The Super Horn is pretty much a box with a yellow megaphone. It can be used to clear the way by emitting a shockwave that causes everyone nearby to lose control of their kart as well as drop any weapons/items.

In addition to using the Super Horn for offensive means, you can also use it defensively if you're in first place. This is particularly useful with blue shells as the Super Horn will protect you from harm so you can continue and finish a race without any last-minute scares.

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How to get Super Horns in Mario Kart Tour

No, you don't need to grind races in order to complete the 'Land five hits with the Super Horn' challenge. This is because there are easy means for attaining the item.

To get Super Horns in Mario Kart Tour, you will want to use the Fare Flyer Kite as it increases the odds of acquiring the weapon. If you are lucky enough to get Pauline from the pipe draw, this will make the challenge even more of a breeze as her Lucky 7 skill always equips her with a Super Horn (via Gamepur).

Another method for acquiring Super Horns is to be in first or second place during races as long as possible (via Reddit). This will increase your chances of getting a Super Horn from one of the item boxes.

The good thing about the 'Land five hits with the Super Horn' challenge is that it doesn't need to be completed during one race. This means you won't have to start all over again if you only manage to hit one or two people with the Super Horn during a single competitive bout.

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