World on Fire may feature Sean Bean and Lesley Manville as star attractions but the series is carried by up and coming talents.

BBC dramas are renowned for their ability to bring some of the best up and coming actors to the fore of the profession and the corporation’s new series, World on Fire, looks to do just that with a cast brimming with talent.

While Sean Bean and Lesley Manville obviously provide the star power that the series needs, it is additions to the cast like Jonah Hauer-King and Julia Brown that actually star in the show in similar fashion to the Star Wars sequel trilogy that gave the original cast a more backseat role in favour of bringing in the new blood.

One such addition to the cast that has quickly caught the eye of viewers is Julia Brown who takes on the role of Lois Bennett, the daughter of Sean Bean’s Douglas.

But just who is this relatively unknown actress and what else has she been in?

What is World on Fire about?

World on Fire tells the story of the Second World War through the eyes of several ordinary people.

From a family in manchester to soldiers and spies on the front line, each area of the war is explored in fascinating detail and despite knowing the overall end result, the stories of these individual characters looks set to make for some must-watch drama.

Who is Julia Brown and who does she play?

Julia Brown, who is a Scottish actress, plays Lois Bennett, the daughter of Sean Bean’s character Douglas. 

Lois is a free-spirited individual and we first meet her in a police station’s cells after being involved in a ruckus with what Douglas calls ‘a group of fascists.’

However, she isn’t locked up for long and spends most of the first episode interacting with her Manchester-based family as a way of introducing her to the audience.

One scene towards the end of the episode sees her taking on a glamourous singing role in an upmarket night club, clearly proving that there’s more to Julia Brown just than acting talent.  

What else has she been in?

Julia Brown’s acting career began in earnest in 2014 with an appearance in the long-running kids’ spy series M.I. High on CBBC. 

Since then, she’s gone onto appear in the likes of ITV drama Shetland as well as Netflix’s The Last Kingdom and, of course, most recently World on Fire.

Aside from acting, Julia is represented by the Model Team agency and often stays busy with modelling work when not required in front of a TV or film camera.  

At the time of writing, there are no upcoming roles slated for Julia Brown according to IMDb but after a good run of performances in World on Fire, it won’t be long before she appears on our screens again. 

In the meantime, World on Fire continues on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday, October 6th and will continue each week in the same time slot until November 10th’s finale.

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