Five seasons and over 50 episodes of South Park will drop to Netflix this September (2019). But which episodes are the must-watch masterpieces?

The news that South Park was finally coming to Netflix was greeted with cries of joy and sighs of “well it’s about time”.

A global hit, South Park has won countless awards over its 22-year legacy with creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone proving that the adult animated format can evolve with society and our ever-changing views on humour.

In fact, the small town in Colorado has been home to huge political and economical statements over the years with everything from Donald Trump to climate change touched upon by Cartman and the boys.

On September 27th, Netflix will host the first-ever series of South Park as well as four recent series, 18 to 21. All 21 series are available on Amazon Prime Video but that hasn’t stopped the excitement for Netflix fans who have been dying for a quick and easy laugh.

HITC Culture has you covered, so here are the 10 best South Park episodes that will be available on Netflix from Sep 27th.


10. Cock Magic (series 18 – episode 8)

It’s not an instant classic and Cock Magic doesn’t supply back-to-back laughs or a witty storyline.

What it does deliver, however, is Randy showing the boys magic tricks with his penis. What more could you ask for?

9. Oh Jeez (series 20 – episode 8) 

For anyone who laps up South Park’s political slants then Oh Jeez will leave you in stitches.

There are several build-up episodes in series 20 that lead to the big finale where Mr Garrison finally over as the President of America.

In Mr G’s own word, “oh jeeeeez”. 

8. Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo (series 1 – episode 9)

With the evolution of comedy over the years, there are few episodes from the 1997 series 1 that still pack a punch.

That said, we all remember the introduction of Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo, who climbed to no.4 in the UK charts in 1999.

Relive how Mr Hankey was introduced into the world via this episode.

7. Stunning and Brave (series 19 – episode 1)

Episode 1 of series 19 first introduces us to PC Principal and sees the tight-T-shirted ‘bro’ laying down political correctness law in Colorado. The episode forces a very tongue-in-cheek appreciation of Caitlyn Jenner as South Park producers enjoy a spree of celebrity attacs,

P.S – Cartman meets PC Principal in the bathroom and uses Butters’ underwear in an attempt to frame him for child molestation. Not for those who are easily offended.

6. Super Hard PCness (series 21 – episode 9)

This episode is the perfect Netflix watch considering it rips into the global streaming platform for producing just about anything under its ‘Netflix Originals’ umbrella.

The storyline crosses over with new PC Principle who falls in love with his new vice principle, Strong Woman.

If you love PC Principle then the episode is 25 minutes of comedy gold.

5. The Magic Bush (series 18 – episode 5)

South Park rips into modern technology yet again, this time making drones the butt of their joke. Cartman and Butters get their hands on a drone and happen to catch Craig’s mom completely naked at her bedroom window.

The video goes viral and soon the South Park neighbourhood is rallying together to create a drone vs done safety system.

4. Sponsored Content (series 19 – episode 8) 

Okay, so number four on the list is where episodes start to get really good.

The series 18-21 era is heavy on PC Principle and episode 8 provides the most out loud laughs from the new character. PC cracks down on the term ‘retarded’ by going after the South Park news editor, who, of course, happens to be Jimmy.

We’re also introduced to PC’s frat bros who spend the episode arguing about whether their lust to “crush pussy” is really that PC.

3. White People Renovating Houses (series 21 – episode 1)

This hilarious episode is a South Park classic, focusing on more technological fads, this time in the form of the Amazon Echo.

It’s a Randy-strong episode, which is always good, and has Randy and Sharon starring in their own ‘White People Renovating Houses’ TV show.

Cartman becomes obsessed by his Amazon Echo by using it to repeat childish swearwords and overall episode 1 is the perfect mix on on-point humour and ridiculous gags.

2. The Cissy (series 18 – episode 3)

Episode 3 is the best in this list when it comes to taking a humorous slant on some of societies hottest topics.

In this instance, Cartman is transgender – although calls it transginger – so that he can get his own private bathroom in school.

At the same time, and in a completely different sub plot that makes little to no sense, Randy poses as LORDE by copying her music in his bathroom at work.

Yes, this is the episode that brought us “la la, I’m a lorde”.

1. Grounded Vindaloop (series 18 – episode 7)

South Park season 18 is the best out of all four series initially uploaded to Netflix and episode 7 is the pick of that bunch.

It features Cartman tricking poor Butters into thinking that he lives in a virtual world, where he places a pretend ‘4D’ simulator over his eyes and controls him around South Park causing chaos in a very Grand Theft Auto style.

It’s as clever as it is funny and features an amazing one-off character in the form of Steve from customer services – a must, must watch!

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