Everything you must know about where MINECON 2019 will be held, plus a date, time and links to watch.

The primary age for Minecraft is ‘surprisingly’ 24 (implying that it’s stereotypically just a game for kids), and this means that young adults all across the world will mostly be tuning into the upcoming MINECON 2019. Below you’ll find where it’s set to be held, along with a date, time and links to watch the extravaganza.

What is MINECON?

MINECON 2019 is a 90-minute affair that will be “packed with juicy Minecraft news, content creators” and community panels.

During the live celebration of all things Minecraft, you’ll be able to vote for the next Biome to be updated.

You will be able to choose between either of the following:

  • Swamp!
  • Mountains!
  • Badlands!

In addition to being able to vote for the next Biome to be updated, another reason to tune into the event is to see its ‘celebrity‘ co-hosts.

These include Japanese influencer Masuo, the brutally difficult to spell Marielitai, Shubble whose name rhymes with bubble, and – last of all – Dangthatsalongname. Each of the four co-hosts will be joined by Lydia Winters.

Where will MINECON 2019 be held?

Because everything needs to be bigger than ever before, MINECON 2019 will be the largest and most significant Minecraft celebration of all time. That is until next year’s extravaganza and then the year after that.

As for where MINECON 2019 will be held, the upcoming showcase will solely be broadcasted live across the entire world. This means there’s no physical location to attend through attaining tickets.

You’ll be able to watch it live via the links below:

MINECON 2019 has also teamed up with creators and community members across the world so they can deliver the stream in a bunch of different native languages. You can find the links below:

When is MINECON 2019?

MINECON 2019 commences on September 28th at 12PM ET.

As mentioned before, the showcase will last the length of a football match at 90-minutes.

You can watch the Minecraft celebration through any of the links provided above. Here’s hoping it’s a doozie.

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