The rapper’s weather forecast has proven divisive for a reason we really didn’t anticipate.

Well, that was unexpected!

Most of us are pretty used to absorbing information while watching the weather forecast on BBC Breakfast. It’s such a standard ritual now that it’s even easy to zone out and let the mind wander. 

However, the recent addition – on Thursday, September 26th 2019 – saw things shaken up a little bit. 

If you were expecting to see Carol Kirkwood, you may have rubbed your eyes for a moment, because in her place was UK rapper, Professor Green. No. he hasn’t suddenly had a change of heart and decided to pursue a new career, but was on the show in promotion of his latest project, Matters of the Heart and forthcoming tour.

Professor Green on BBC Breakfast

It’s all a good laugh, but actually, things didn’t exactly go to plan. 

We’re all very well aware that Professor Green isn’t a qualified weather reporter, so as he took to address the day we weren’t expecting him to nail it and get any job offers. 

However, he did give it his best – or at least tried to. Many fans and viewers have taken to Twitter to express their annoyance at Naga Munchetty, who began to try and distract him and tell him he didn’t do a good job. 

As you’d expect, the spectacle has encouraged a variety of comments across social media…


Twitter defends Professor Green 

One Twitter user wrote: “Is it just me, but I thought Naga was quite rude when Professor Green was doing the weather. Was only a bit fun #BBCBreakfast.”

Another was a lot more vocal about it all, expressing their anger towards the situation: “Could someone at @BBCBreakfast please put a muzzle on @BBCNaga? The way she spoke to Professor Green when he was trying to deliver the weather was disgusting. She kept interrupting him and told him he wasn’t very good. Thankfully, @carolkirkwood was there to say how good he was.”

One wrote: “I like Professor Green’s weather forecast on #BBCBreakfast it was a bit unfair of Naga to tell him he’s not very good, but I like the hugs at the end.”

Once again, a viewer spoke of their irritation regarding Naga’s behaviour: “Was really enjoying Professor Green doing the weather on #BBCBreakfast till Naga decided to be downright rude to the man! I’d like you to get up and sing and see how it feels when he says ‘you’re not very good’ to you!”


A total mess 

At one point during the Breakfast Show, Naga says: “It’s really not hard!” over to Professor Green, which clearly offends Carol – it would us too!

It’s understandable that fans of his have considered Naga’s remarks condescending, as he’s there to have fun and make us all laugh. It just put a real dampener on what would otherwise have been a nice, funny treat to remember. 

After she says he’s no good, he says: “I’d love to see what the response is on Twitter.” Well, it’s safe to say it’s in his favour. Hats off to you for giving it a crack. 

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