Many have recently found themselves hitting rewind while watching BBC News.

Sometimes the news can just plain surprise you. 

Most of the time, you can tune into BBC News, learn, take it all in and then go about your day. However, sometimes you spy something which makes you pay a little bit more attention – for the wrong reasons, that is.

When reporters venture out and speak to the public, there is often the sense of unpredictability. What are people going to say? How will this escalate? When the news item is political, there’s always the issue that someone may say something offensive. 

Then again, sometimes people just say the wrong thing, but often when they’re talking about someone they don’t mention the wrong name… Boris Johnson is the subject, but not exactly what’s said. 

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks at the United Nations (UN) Climate Action Summit on September 23, 2019 in New York City. While the United States will not be…

Joris Bohnson

While speaking to the public on their thoughts regarding unlawful parliament suspension, a certain response stood out like a sore thumb. 

“I agree on Joris Bohnson,” asserted one man from Stoke-on-Trent being interviewed in a shopping-centre, “…stopping parliament, sort this Brexit out,” he added. 

“He’s broken the law, what do you think of that?” he’s asked, to which he replies: “People should just get on with it, just leave it.” Already, viewers have taken to Twitter to share the footage and discuss. Boris Johnson is a name that has been said more times than any other recently, so people are inevitably surprised to hear someone not quite at grips with it yet, despite regarding him rather favourably. Take a look at the clip below:


Twitter reacts!

Something like this was always going to attract the attention of Twitter. 

One wrote: “Anyone else just seen the unfortunate leaver interviewed in a Stoke shopping centre? My god. He started by calling the PM Joris Bohnson and it went downhill from there.”

Another added: “BBC interviewing someone who is so nervous he called the Prime Minister Joris Bohnson and that is everything right now.”

Already, memes have started to come in. The guy was clearly really nervous, and the next life that the mixup will have on social media is surely set to escalate into a debate very soon. 


The next meme?

It’s destined to become a meme in the near future, and there is the sense that material surrounding UK politics is really up for grabs right now, with such earlier instances as Boris Johnson’s “Dude” speech, which so many picked apart and ridiculed. 

Hopefully, this one kind of just fizzles out really, but nevertheless, the clip certainly makes a quick impression. 

This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Joris Bohnson… 

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