How to exploit the loyalty glitch in FIFA 20 on PS4 and Xbox One for SBCs.

FIFA 20 is now available to play without a time limit for those who pre-ordered the ridiculously expensive Ultimate or Champions Edition. And, as you’d expect, Ultimate Team is still the series’ most popular mode. In order to get the best Ultimate Team possible and to complete a number of the Squad Building Challenges quickly, below you’ll be able to discover how to exploit the notorious loyalty glitch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While it’s usually hard to recommend FIFA on a yearly basis thanks to the newest additions often being the kits, FIFA 20 has seen a number of improvements with changes to Career Mode and the inclusion of Volta. With that being said, Ultimate Team is still the most played mode by a fair distance.

There’s an addictive appeal to Ultimate Team that is capable of turning even the sanest gamers and football fanatics into junkies. So, to help with your addiction or to propel you further down the rabbit hole, we’ve provided a guide for how to exploit the (in)famous loyalty glitch on FIFA 20. You know, the same one that was present in FIFA 19.

What is the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch?

The FIFA 20 loyalty glitch is essentially a godsend for completing some of the mode’s Squad Building Challenges in quick fashion. It was present in FIFA 19, and it appears that EA haven’t learned from the series’ past as of writing.

In case FIFA 20 is your first ever foray into Ultimate Team, loyalty is basically a necessary requirement for building superior chemistry. Therefore the upcoming loyalty glitch is a cheating means to an end for completing some of the Squad Building Challenges that demand a high amount of chemistry.

An issue with building loyalty is that it requires players to participate in ten matches with the footballers in need of fidelity. As you can imagine, this is an annoying chore when you just want to complete the SBCs. This makes the loyalty glitch extremely helpful as it spares you from wasting hours of your day.

How to exploit the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch on PS4 and Xbox One

In order to utilise the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you will of course need the necessary players in your starting XI. These players will also need ten contracts so they can play the required amount of matches to build their loyalty.

Once you’ve got your starting XI, formation and contracts sorted, you’ll then need proceed to Squad Battles and Team Of The Week. It doesn’t matter which difficulty you challenge them on, you just need to select TOTW and advance to the match.

After the referee blows their whistle, you’ll want to play just one in-game minute before pressing the PS or Xbox button on your controller. You must then close the application and boot FIFA 20 back up.

You should then see that your players have all participated in one match. Of course, you’ll then need to do this nine more times afterwards to fully exploit the glitch. This will reward your players with the much desired green badge of loyalty to increase your team’s chemistry.

FIFA 20 launches for all gamers on September 27th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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