If you’re not one for cliffhangers, we imagine part 7 was pretty frustrating.

Are you all caught up with the Bennett’s?

Netflix has essentially become the home of great television, and while they’re arguably still slacking on the film front – although that’s certainly improving too – their series game is strong.  

One of the latest seasons of stellar TV to emerge on the streaming service is The Ranch part 7. The beloved American sitcom boasts a great cast, featuring the likes of Ashton Kutcher (That ’70s Show) Debra Winger (An Officer and a Gentleman), Sam Elliott (A Star is Born) and more.

It arrived on Netflix back in 2016 and has brought plenty of heart and laughs since. Each season is segregated into two parts, comprised of ten episodes each. So, with part 7 airing on Friday, September 13th 2019, can we expect it to follow suit? 

The Ranch: Back for part 8?

Yes, The Ranch will return to audiences for part 8!

Considering part 7’s conclusion – episode 10 ‘Perfect Storm’ – fans have a number of questions they’re ready to have answered as soon as possible, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait. 

Schmigadoon! – Official Trailer

As the last episode approached a close, Beau, Colt and Luke return home and Abby announces that she knows where Nick and Mary are staying. Beau proceeds to check out Nick’s trailer while Abby desperately attempts to stop Colt accompanying him. We hear a gunshot fired after Nick goes into the trailer, so audiences are pretty much on the edge of their seats still.


Fans take to Twitter! 

Although there’s no specific release date for The Ranch part 8, it’s said to arrive in 2020 – the earlier the better. 

Since the new crop of episodes landed on Netflix, fans have taken to social media to discuss their thoughts. One Twitter user wrote: “#TheRanch part 7… Mary’s a mess. Luke is an idiot. I still don’t like Heather. I’m happy Beau and Joanne are married now. I’m mad Colt and Abby are divorcing. F**k Lisa Newman. I really hope Nick was shot.”

That’s one way to get it all out! It’s clear audiences have pretty strong opinions about the latest part. 

One added: “Finished Part 7 of @theranchnetflix… why do they gotta leave us hanging like that? Hustle onto season 8 please #TheRanch.” Don’t worry, we’re sure they’re not going to go full Twin Peaks on everyone and leave us hanging for too long. 

Another viewer wrote: “Really hope another channel buys The Ranch and makes more episodes with @dannymasterson… it’s not the same without him and I don’t want it to be over #TheRanch.”


The final season of The Ranch

Why do fans hope another channel will buy The Ranch?

Well, that’s because season 4 is the final season. Part 8 – comprised of ten episodes – will stand as the show’s conclusion, but honestly, it’s had a really good run. Admittedly, sitcoms like this can usually go on and on for ages without wearing too thin, yet we’d rather it go out on a high instead of sprawling on unnecessarily. 

Let’s hope the stars like Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott have some solid projects lined up. In fact, if you love Sam as much as we do, Netflix has recently added one of his newer films which is definitely worth checking out: The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot.

It’s imaginative, emotional and features one of the actor’s greatest performances to date. A truly unique piece of work – seek it out!

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