A show like this really conveys just how varied National Geographic’s content can be.

Continuing our 2019 journey through a variety of TV shows, we have ventured into The Hot Zone. 

This American drama series has caught the attention of National Geographic viewers a short while back, and for good reason. Its narrative whisks us back to 1989 as we chronicle a U.S. Army scientist’s determined attempts to save the masses. When the Ebola virus is discovered in research lab chimps, it kickstarts a race against time, with no known cure and the threat of an outbreak on the horizon. 

It’s based on the book of the same name! Richard Preston’s 1994 novel – The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story – was a bestselling work of non-fiction. 

Audiences were invited to see the text play out in dramatic fashion on the screen, but will it be back? 

The Hot Zone: Back for season 2?

Yes, right now there are talks to bring The Hot Zone back to screens!

Now, this wasn’t exactly expected – like at all. James V. Hart’s latest work was billed as a mini-series from the start, so when fans were watching they expected it would be six episodes and that’s it. 

However, as noted by Deadline, National Geographic is considering ways to explore the series further as a result of overwhelming praise and ratings. You can hardly blame them, but how could they possibly continue the narrative? They’ll have to think outside of the box, and indeed, it appears they’re doing just that. 

The same source notes that the network began talking to Fox 21 TV studios and Scott Free about turning The Hot Zone into an anthology piece. 

National Geographic eyes The Hot Zone(s)?

In terms of scripted content, The Hot Zone has become their most-viewed scripted series.

With that in mind, chasing further success with the title was pretty inevitable. Rather little is known about plans for the follow-up, but then again the mini-series did only air back in May, and it’s not like they went in with ideas of sequels and seconds season in mind. 

The earlier source suggests the initial idea for the future of the series may be due to explore different crises that involve health and science. So we’re talking similar scares which have caused mass panic and so forth. Rumour has it that they’re considering exploring the anthrax crisis in the wake of 9/11, but there’s no reason to believe this is the case; just a rumour, you see. 

Delving deeper

Considering The Hot Zone’s breakout success, it’s likely that National Geographic is working hard to pursue ideas and get the ball rolling as soon as possible on this one. You don’t just let one of your biggest successes roll away. 

It’ll be interesting to see if they follow in the footsteps of shows like American Horror Story and continue to cast some of the same actors but in new roles. It can work really well and would give the series even further cohesiveness, with the same cast and similar themes reinforcing that the follow-up is still very much the show audiences were struck by in 2019. 

We’d definitely welcome back the likes of Julianna Margulies, Noah Emmerich, Topher Grace, Liam Cunningham and beyond, so let’s hope they’re back!

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