Taskmaster is proving to be one of Dave’s best shows but can you visit the series’ iconic house?

It’s hard to think that in 2014, the world was a Taskmaster-less place. What a horrid thought.

Now, in 2019, the Dave comedy series, that pits five comedians against each other in a series of elaborate and mind-bending tasks, is well into its ninth series. 

With Greg Davies and Alex Horne at the helm, the series has become a staple of the Dave channel and with an ever-growing audience, looks set to keep its place in our TV schedules for some time to come.

As well as the two aforementioned hosts, the other constant in the Taskmaster series is the iconic house where the majority of tasks take place but just where is the home of Taskmaster located?

Taskmaster: Series 9

In September 2019, Taskmaster returned for its ninth series and it promises to be the biggest and most-watched series yet.

Joining the cast of comedians this time around are David Baddiel, Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katie Wix and New Zealand’s Rose Matafeo.

The group of series 9 is arguably one of the strongest that the show has seen with each comedian bringing something uniquely different to their approach.

As the show has grown, so too has the episode count. Series 9 will be the fourth outing to feature a whopping 10 episodes, something which fans of the series no doubt adore.

The Taskmaster house

As well as the bulk of the show being presented in a studio format, Taskmaster has its very own house which it fills with all manner of mystifying tasks for the comedians to complete.

While other locations are used during the series, it’s the house that has featured most prominently over the years and has become a character in its own right.

Each series sees the house take on a new look as a new theme is applied, often inspired by an artist. Series 8 saw the house take on a more Asian feel with the portrait of Greg Davies in the house’s living room taking on an almost manga-inspired look.

Where is the Taskmaster house and can you visit?

Despite the obvious high-profile of the house, now that the show is watched by over 1.2 million people each week, the location for the show is actually rather run of the mill.

The house we now know as the home of Taskmaster is actually located in the corner of Chiswick’s Dukes Meadows golf course and the house itself was once that of the golf course’s groundskeeper.

The three-bedroom cottage, of sorts, has been the home of Taskmaster since 2015 but prior to that, the building was listed for rent and would set you back £4,000 a month.

While nothing is stopping you from venturing over to the Taskmaster house, it is on a main road, after all, the sizeable gate in front of the building means that, unless you’re on the show, you’re not getting in.

The address of the Taskmaster house, if you’re curious, is Chiswick Bridge, Great Chertsey Rd, Chiswick, London W4 3UL


Meanwhile, series 9 of Taskmaster continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on Dave until the finale on November 6th, 2019.

If you’ve missed any of series 9, or want to go back and watch older series, all episodes of Taskmaster are available to stream on UKTV Play.