Brad Pitt-starring Ad Astra is being hailed as a modern masterpiece by some and a boring waste of time by others.

Space, the final frontier and arguably one of the most popular settings in cinema and TV history.

While you’ve got the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek which take audiences on expansive adventures and introduce us to iconic alien races from across the stars, you also get films like Interstellar, Gravity and 2001: A Space Odyssey which focus in on the human aspect of space exploration and the lonely and cold realities of space. 

Ad Astra, one would argue, falls into the latter of these two categories as it sees an astronaut venture off into space to search for his missing father.

However, despite clearly taking inspiration from some of the greatest space films of all time, Ad Astra has been labelled as boring by some. 

What is Ad Astra about?

Ad Astra tells the story of an astronaut, Major Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), who ventures off into the cosmos in search of his missing father (Tommy Lee Jones) as the circumstances surrounding the disappearance don’t quite seem to add up.

Along the way, McBride is met with resistance from a number of parties but chief among them is the strained relationships that haunt his life, from his father’s mysterious disappearance to his estranged wife. 

Inspirations behind Ad Astra

Even judging by the film’s trailer, Ad Astra quite clearly takes inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Everything from the set design to the camera shots we see, the influence of 2001 just oozes out of the film.

Another space film that appears to have influenced Ad Astra is Interstellar which sees Matthew McConaughey and co set off in search of long lost astronauts who have been sent to scout out planets which could be a potential future home to humanity.

And lastly, there’s Gravity which was praised universally for its jaw-dropping visuals back in 2013.

Ad Astra looks to combine elements from all of these into a captivating space thriller and yet some viewers are describing the film as boring. 

Is Ad Astra boring? 

While critics have raved about Ad Astra, citing it as a modern space masterpiece with the excellent performance of Brad Pitt at the heart of it, a number of viewers have been quick to criticise Ad Astra over on social media, the most being that the film is boring. 

Ad Astra actually means “to the stars” if you must know.

 This next Twitter user clearly sees the funny side.

And finally, this viewer is optimistic about Ad Astra’s chances as a cult classic one day.

We appreciate that this article may not have done much to sway your opinion in favour of seeing Ad Astra but if you really want to make your own mind up about the film, it’s out in cinemas now after releasing on September 18th here in the UK.

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