Series 5 of Peaky Blinders ended in dramatic fashion and some viewers think that a notorious villain could be behind it.

Peaky Blinders’ fifth season came to an end in dramatic fashion on September 22nd as Tommy Shelby’s plan to assassinate notorious fascist Oswald Mosley failed in horrifically bloody fashion.

The surprise attack on the Peaky Blinders left four members of the gang dead and a number of fans have quickly come to the conclusion that an old adversary of Tommy Shelby and the Peaky Blinders was behind it all.

The adversary in question, series 1 and 2 villain, Major Chester Campbell, played by the ever-brilliant Sam Neill. But could it really be him?

What happened in the series 5 finale?

As you are no doubt aware of by now, the Peaky Blinders series 5 finale was a harrowing and bloody affair.

After being introduced to the notorious fascist Oswald Mosley earlier in the series, Tommy Shelby plots to have the rabble-rouser killed in the series finale. 

However, anyone who knows about Oswald Mosley will know that he died at the unfortunately grand old age of 84 in 1980, a clear sign that the assassination attempt was somehow going to go pear-shaped and oh boy did it do just that.

Tommy managed to escape the scene with his life but four other members of the gang were viciously murdered by a group of unknown assailants. 

Could Major Campbell be responsible?

Major Chester Campbell, who was a huge thorn in the side of the Peaky Blinders in series 1 and 2, was such an influential character in the series that even three seasons after his supposed death in series 2, fans are still calling for his return.

Of course, the callous plot-thwarting murder-spree we see in the series 5 finale clearly involved someone with a deep knowledge of the Peaky Blinders gang and their plan. 

For many fans, this is the perfect reasoning to suspect the thorough and relentless Major Campbell.

However, given the fact that we saw him die earlier in the show leaves a great deal of doubt surrounding the fan theories that it could be him.


Why do some fans reckon he’s behind it?

Major Campbell has clearly been brought back into the reckoning thanks to the return of Tom Hardy’s Alfie from the dead after we saw him and Tommy face off in a climactic showdown at the end of series 4. 

The fact that one revered character can return has clearly sparked debate over whether another character could return as well, no matter how unlikely that may be. 

Whether or not Major Campbell really was behind the series 5 massacre or not is still up for debate and further answers to the questions will surely be answered when Peaky Blinders eventually returns for a sixth series.

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