Hilarious Nicole TV meme summaries culture in 2019 - Instagram vs reality!

Screenshot: Nicole TV on Instagram

Kayla Nicole (Nicole TV) has produced one of the best viral memes of 2019... and now the publics reaction on Twitter is just as glorious.

It’s been a busy week for the internet, as Keke Palmer’s failure to recognise Dick Cheney lead to some pretty iconic memes – we’d argue some of the best of 2019 – and now Nicole TV is back for another round of viral fame.

Nicole TV - or Kayla Nicole Jones as she’s known in the real world – previously went viral on the internet with a video of her straightening her hair angrily.

It doesn’t go well, as you can imagine…

Now a video she made with Deshea Frost has been meme’d beyond belief. Here’s where the meme originated from plus some of our faves reactions that have been churned out!

Screenshot: Nicole TV on Instagram

The original Nicole TV video

The original video was posted by Nicole's fellow YouTuber and collaborator Deshea Frost on Instagram with the caption ‘When she don’t look like what she looks like on Instagram'.

It's a hilarious skit that shows Deshea flicking through Nicole's Instagram page. He repeatedly looks at the glammed-up pics of Nicole in full make-up before glancing back at her as she sits innocently on the sofa.

Seemingly aware of what Deshea is doing and thinking as he shakes his head, Nicole awkwardly smiles and touches her beck as if you to say "yup, that's me... oopsie".

Talk about Instagram vs reality:

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When she don’t look like what she looks like on Instagram @kaylanicolejones

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The internet reacts with more Twitter memes!

Me when God shows me footage of all the times I’ve sinned...


Five-year-old me when my mum asked me how I got seven from 2+3...


Me when someone shows me something I already saw on twitter a week ago...


When your friend shows you an Instagram meme you saw on twitter two months ago...


Beyoncé when she played Lemonade for Jay Z for the first time...



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