Netflix welcomes another crime doc to the streaming service in the form of Cold Case Files but who narrates the series?

Who doesn’t love an enthralling crime documentary series?

Netflix viewers certainly love the genre and it’s inspired the streaming giant to come up with some truly fascinating series such as Making a Murderer and The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Another crime documentary that will no doubt feature among that list is the new addition to the streaming service, Cold Case Files.

The series focuses on investigations into cases that long-seemed cold with each episode telling the story of a particular case with a narrator leading us through the episode in question.

The history of Cold Case Files

Unlike Making a Murderer and The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Cold Case Files is not a Netflix original. 

The series first aired back in 1999 on the A&E Network in the US. After five seasons, the show came to an end until 2017 when A&E brought it back for a brand new sixth season.

Netflix acquired the rights to the show here in the UK and on September 15th, 2019, Cold Case Files made its way onto the gargantuan streaming service.  

Bill Kurtis, the original narrator for Cold Case Files

Who is the narrator?

As mentioned, Cold Case Files features a narrator to guide its viewers through the events of each episode.

In the original run, the series was narrated by Bill Kurtis, a journalist and broadcaster in the States.

However, in the 2017 series, the first six episodes are narrated by Hollywood actor, Danny Glover. Although for the second half of the season, Bill Kurtis reprised his role as the narrator.

Danny Glover, narrator of six episodes of Cold Case Files

What else have they been in? 

While Bill Kurtis is famed in the US for appearances in the series Investigative Reports, American Justice and, of course, Cold Case Files, as well as being a news anchor on CBS morning news.

Danny Glover, meanwhile, has had a long and storied career in the world of acting which features roles in the Lethal Weapon trilogy as well as disaster movie epic 2012. In all, Glover boasts almost 200 film and TV roles according to IMDb.

In the meantime, the 2017 season of Cold Case Files, featuring both Danny Glover and Bill Kurtis is available to stream on Netflix right now. 

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