The comedy Gods are smiling down on these two with glee.

How many awards!?

Watching the 71st Emmy Awards, it actually began to feel like Fleabag would bag the awards it wasn’t even nominated for. Across the evening, it won for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, Directing for a Comedy Series (Harry Bradbeer), Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) and overall Outstanding Comedy Series. 

Fans of the show were absolutely thrilled to see it receive such recognition, and it does seem that everyone is absolutely taken with Phoebe’s hilarious series – and also with the star herself!

The show is loved for its approach to sex and relationships – among other things – yet the actress can be considered quite reserved when it comes to talking about her real-life boyfriend, Martin McDonagh. 

Martin McDonagh (L) and Phoebe Waller Bridge attend the 90th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 4, 2018 in Hollywood, California.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s boyfriend

According to Elle, they’ve been dating for almost two years now; it was announced at the end of December 2017 that Phoebe and her filmmaker husband Conor Woodman were divorcing. 

Martin is very well respected in the realm of theatre and stage, as is Phoebe, but most will know the 49-year-old Irish-British playwright as a filmmaker – we’ll get onto that in a moment!

Bustle reports that the Evening Standard suggested a connection between the two when they were seen together after the premiere of one of his films. They also noted that the pair sat close to one another at the January 2018 Golden Globes ceremony, and even “exchanged a quick peck” when he secured a big win. 

So, what has he made?


The unique work of Martin McDonagh

The 34-year-old multi-talent has a mass of fans and so does her boyfriend!

He first made a short film called Six Shooter in 2004, but it was in 2008 when his directorial feature-film debut announced the arrival of a new and remarkable talent in cinema. Have you seen In Bruges? The comedy crime-drama stars the excellent Colin Farrell (The Beguiled), Ralph Fiennes (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Brendan Gleeson (Calvary), all of which who are superb in it. 

Since its release, this tale of mismatched hitmen has gone on to boast an admirable legacy, quoted by cinephiles and beyond. His next film – Seven Psychopaths – landed a stellar cast, and although many argued it wasn’t as good as his debut, it went down a treat with many. His third film, on the other hand, was a huge hit despite drawing controversy. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri offered a career-crowing performance from Frances McDormand (Fargo) and featured the likes of Sam Rockwell (Moon) and Woody Harrelson (No Country for Old Men). 

Numerous critics regarded it as a masterpiece, and with that being his most recent film, we can’t wait to see what he has in store next. 

Not to be confused with John!

Martin’s brother – John Michael McDonagh – is also a filmmaker, famous for his compelling blend of drama and comedy. 

He wrote the 2003 film Ned Kelly starring Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts, but his directorial feature debut came in 2011 with the comedy film The Guard, starring the aforementioned Brendan Gleeson. Although it doesn’t have the legacy of In Bruges, it does boast a very fond following. 

His sophomore effort – 2014’s Calvary – also stars Brendan, this time as a priest, and it’s arguably a total masterpiece. John was absolutely at the height of his powers here, which made it bewildering yet very refreshing that he made something like 2016’s War on Everyone for his third feature. The 2016 bad cop-bad cop comedy was a bizarre treat; we can’t wait for both of the brothers’ next projects. 

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