Rambo: From First Blood to Last - where are the 1982 cast now?

Rambo Last Blood dir. Adrian Grunberg 2019

We've seen Rambo embark on one hell of a journey, but what about the original film's cast?

Sometimes there's nothing quite so exciting as a resurrected franchise.

We've seen it done with the likes of Alien, Terminator and beyond. However, both of these turned out to be pretty divisive amongst fans, and you could even argue are causing debate to this day. 

One of the very best recent examples of a former film series emerging again is Rocky. The first one is a stone-cold classic, and between 1976 and 2006, we saw six entries cement it as one of the most beloved and iconic movie franchises of all time. For a while, it lay dormant, but 2015's Creed emerged after just shy of a decade and proved it had plenty of fight left in it. 

One of the film's greatest highlights was Sylvester Stallone reprising his legendary role, and soon after, fans were expressing they'd be happy to welcome Rambo back too. It appears we were all heard loud and clear!

Rambo: Last Blood dir. Adrian Grunberg 2019

Rambo's Sylvester Stallone: From 1982 to now

It was First Blood in 1982 which kickstarted it all, and we often look back on it as a masterclass of eighties action cinema - the genre's heyday. 

Sly Stallone sculpted yet another iconic protagonist, demanding the screen as Vietnam vet John Rambo. Since then, we've seen the actor tackle a great number of roles, too many to list. So, we'll shine a spotlight on his very best since he first played Rambo to his recent reprisal of the role in 2019's Rambo: Last Blood. 

We've already mentioned what is widely agreed upon as his best performance - Rocky in Creed - but he's also been a pleasure to watch in the likes of Tango & Cash, Demolition Man, Cop Land, Escape Plan and The Expendables efforts. 

The last time we saw the 73-year-old tackle the role of John was in 2008's Rambo, which he also directed! He's been up to quite a lot over the years, but what about the other First Blood cast?

Brian Dennehy as Teasle

Remember Sheriff William "Will" Teasle? Obviously!

The character was played by the now-81-year-old Brian Dennehy, who has appeared in a number of efforts since starring in the Rambo series. 

First off, let's address the fact that he voiced Django in the animated family classic Ratatouille - pretty cool! Since his time as Teasle, he's been in 2008's Righteous Kill (Hingis), The Next Three Days (George Brennan), TV series The Good Wife (Bucky Stabler), Knight of Cups (Joseph) and much more. 

He's due to appear in such forthcoming projects as The Adventures of Buddy Thunder, Son of the South and Long Day Journey

Actor Brian Dennehy attend the premiere of  Actor Brian Dennehy attend the premiere of "The Seagull" during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC Tribeca PAC on April 21, 2018 in New York City.

Michael Talbott as Balford 

I wonder where the Deputy Balford actor is these days...

Since the First Blood role, 64-year-old Michael Talbott has earned a number of roles, from that of Geehan in 1986's Manhunter to Eddie Dirkson in the Jack Reed series in the nineties. 

However, in the current century, he hasn't exactly been in much. His last screen role - according to IMDb - was in a 2014 short called Sal and the Goon. Before that, he played Jimmy Farrell in the 2001 TV movie Three Blind Mice

Balford isn't exactly his biggest role though, as he's foremostly known as Det. Stanley Switek in the iconic eighties show Miami Vice.

Chris Mulkey as Ward 

So that's Deputy Balford, but what about Deputy Ward?

The 71-year-old performer may even be the busiest of the bunch these days! He's set to be in The World Without You, Above Suspicion, Emerald Run, Medicine Man, Fallen Cards and wide range of other projects. 

In the current decade, he's been in such films as Gotti (Frank Decicco), Better Call Saul (Billy Gatwood), Message from the King (Leary), Truth (Maurice Udell), Whiplash (Uncle Frank), Captain Phillips (John Cronan), The Purge (Mr. Halverson) and Boardwalk Empire (Boss Frank Hague). 

Honestly though, that doesn't even begin to summarise how busy this guy's been; he has 253 acting credits on IMDb, so colour us impressed. 

Actor Chris Mulkey attends the Actor Chris Mulkey attends the "Gotti" New York premiere at SVA Theater on June 14, 2018 in New York City.

Rest in Peace, Rambo stars

Sadly, a number of First Blood actors have passed away over the years. 

These include the likes of Richard Crenna (Trautman), Bill McKinney (Kern), Jack Starrett (Galt), John McLiam (Orval) and Alf Humphreys (Lester). 

Their contribution to one of the eighties' cinematic action highlights will never be diminished. With Rambo: Last Blood in UK cinemas Thursday, September 19th 2019, we feel a movie marathon coming on. 

In other news, this is how In the Tall Grass should end according to the book.

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