The ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ event is finally here but have 2.1 million people really turned up at Area 51?

Earlier in 2019, we were greeted with arguably the biggest meme event ever and, without doubt, the most bizarre.

The Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us Facebook event became an overnight viral sensation and had over three million people register as ‘going’ or ‘interested’ in attending.

The prospect of finding aliens in the top-secret US was clearly a big draw for some but many remained sceptical over the true origins and intentions of the Facebook event.

What was the plan?

Back in July when the meme became ultra-viral, the plan, if you can call it a plan, was to storm into Area 51 and with the huge sea of people, overrun the guards and go and find some new alien buddies to hang out with and maybe get hold of some super-futuristic tech.

It all sounded very far-fetched but 2.1 million people registered themselves as ‘going’ to the event and a further 1.1 million people were ‘interested.’ 

If indeed that number of people did turn up to storm Area 51, it would be one of the largest gatherings of people ever.

However, the Facebook event that started off this viral meme has since become a page for a festival, AlienStock Tour to be exact.

The festival is set to take place in Nevada on the same weekend as the supposed Area 51 raid and will likely attract some sizable crowds but nothing anywhere close to the three million interested in the Facebook event.

A stage is set up at Alienstock festival hosted by the Little A’Le’Inn on “Extraterrestrial Highway” in Rachel, Nevada

How many people actually turned up?

The original plan for the supposed raid was to storm Area 51 at 3am on September 20th. 

From what we’ve seen over on Twitter, about 20 people, if that, arrived at the gate into Area 51 in the dead of night, most of whom were content creators who streamed the events to the likes of YouTube. 

A number of other photos emerged showing huge crowds of people with tanks and helicopters in the background but they’re clearly either fake or from a completely different event somewhere else in the world.

What’s going on now?

The small gathering outside the gates Area 51 doesn’t seem to have picked up the same pace many were hoping for.

A number of people who have gone appear to be content creators and are using the opportunity to further their online careers and perhaps get on TV like this Naruto runner below.   


11:23 GMT – 03:23 PST

12:06 – 04:06 PST

13:10 – 05:10 PST

13:32 – 05:32 PST

13:53 – 05:53 PST

14:23 – 06:23 PST

14:30 – 06:30 PST

What we know of the night’s events: Across Nevada around the Area 51 site, there were a number of festivals, as we alluded to earlier, which featured plenty of inflatable aliens and seem to have gone off without incident. 

Outside one entrance to Area 51, a small number of people did gather and took photos, videos and hung out outside the entrance. 

There has been one reported arrest but as we understand, no one has actually stormed Area 51.

14:57 – 06:57 PST

15:02 – 07:02 PST

15:23 – 07:23 PST

15:30 – 07:30 PST

15:45 – 07:45 PST

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