Netflix series Stranger Things is a universally loved show and what better way to celebrate Halloween 2019 than a costume dedicated to the cast and characters.

Halloween is creeping closer day by day and you’re going to want a gruesomely stylish and eye-popping outfit to stand out from the crowd this October.

With the release of Stranger Things series 3 earlier this year, there’s nothing more on-point than Eleven’s dresses, Hoppers shirts or even a matching Scoops AHoy costume.

All seven of these halloween costumes have been hand-picked by the HITC Culture experts and all of them are available to order from anywhere in the UK.

From the cheap and cheerful bargains to custom-made and movie-quality costumes, it’s time to ghost your friends and ditch their group zombie theme for something much stranger.

Couple Goals: Scoops Ahoy with Robin and Steve!

As far as couple goals go, dressing up as Steve Harrington and Robin from Stranger Things season 3 has to be the pinnacle of all Halloween ideas.

Steve and Robin weren’t a couple on the show, meaning you can rock this one with your lover, best friend or family member.

There are many versions of the costume available on Amazon and Ebay for around £25 per piece, just Google ‘Scoops Ahoy’. However, they’re all made from easily-damaged cheap costume material and look pretty naff considering the red scarf and name tags are both drawn on.

At you can get both outfits for around £120, so that’s just over 60 big ones each for a costume that is bound to serve more than one occasion. Order Robin’s outfit here and Steve’s too.


Edgy Eleven for under £25!

This is the bargain of the Halloween costume list as you can dress identically to Millie Bobby Brown’s iconic Eleven for under £25.

Coshd are selling a replica of Eleven’s black and funky print jumpsuit, which makes not only an incredibly party piece but a super hip dress that you could wear out on the town.

For £23.99, buy here to harness your super powers.

On-duty Hopper in full Sheriff uniform

What’s that? Hopper is alive?

Make the dream come true and purchase this full-body fancy dress outfit from Amazon.

It’s the full works and includes Hopper’s trademark hat for £55, including postage. Just make sure you give the size guide a good read before purchasing as a lot of the negative comments are related to a dodgy fit.

Off-duty Hopper punching Russians

If the all-beige Sheriff outfit is a little too formal or you, or you’re going to be attending a sunny Halloween party abroad, then the off-duty Hopper outfit is going to be the one. are selling Hopper’s blue and pink shirt that he wears throughout season 3, beating down Russians and saving the world in the process.

It’s going to set you back a rather hefty £37 but just like Eleven’s dress, it’s a saucy little number that you could wear out for different occasions.

And besides that, can you really put a cost on looking like Hopper?

It’s only the bloody Demogorgan!

There’s sure to be a lot of Stranger Things Halloween costumes floating round this October 31st, with knock-off Scoops Ahoy outfits and DIY options available from the likes of Primark.

If you really want to stand out then you’re going to want to go as the demogorgan. has an array of Stranger Things costumes on offer and we think this terrifying Netflix beast beats them all. The claw-like feet and hands are both ridiculous and who wouldn’t want to spend the night with a face like this…

Buy here!

T-shirt, hat – you’re Dustin!

If you’re the type of person who wants to get involved in the spooky spirit of Halloween but aren’t overly keen on full morph suits or having to carry props then the Dustin outfit is the one for you. are currently selling Dustin’s trademark green T-shirt at a 50% off price with the hat also available on the website. Chuck the two together, and maybe a wig, and you’ll look like one of the most memorable cast members with minimal effort needed.

There are cheaper options on Amazon but most of them are already sold out.

The most iconic Eleven outfit of them all…

Dab a little bit of fake blood on your nose and you have a Halloween costume from one of the most iconic scenes in Stranger Things.

Eleven’s cute dress and jacket combo is sold as a complete package on Amazon for £55 here. Throw on some high socks and the look is complete.

This gem is of the best-selling Halloween outfits on Amazon right now so HITC Culture suggest getting in there fast.

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