Some of the PS Plus free games October 2019 predictions include The Last Of Us, Outlast and Vampyr.

Batman: Arkham Knight and especially Darksiders 3 were two huge and fantastic titles for September, but the free PlayStation Plus games for October 2019 will be even better if people’s predictions about either The Last Of Us, Outlast and Vampyr turn out to be true.

Next month is famous for featuring Halloween (which will befittingly be the same day as Brexit in the United Kingdom), and this means a lot of Sony players are logically predicting horror themed video games.

Some of the predictions include the likes of Dead By Daylight and Outlast, but the two biggest are The Last Of Us and Vampyr.

When will Sony announce the PS Plus free games for October 2019?

One of the most exciting aspects of every month is awaiting Sony’s announcement for the next line-up of free PS Plus games.

This happened on August 28th last month with Sony shocking everyone by unexpectedly announcing the underwhelming Batman: Arkham Knight and the brilliant Darksiders 3.

You can still download these two titles for free as of writing, but you will need to maintain your PS Plus subscription in order to keep them and previous PS Plus games.

According to Reddit, the PS Plus free games for October 2019 will officially be announced on September 25th. The revealed games should then be downloadable from October 1st to Halloween.

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PS Plus free games October 2019 predictions

Despite only a miniscule amount of predictions having come true in the past, it’s still fun to discuss and guess the free PS Plus games for every month.

A lot of people were wrong in August thanks to once again predicting Nioh, as well as Song Of The Deep to celebrate Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac Games.

Other fruitless predictions were Ghost Recon: Wildlands, No Man’s Sky and BioShock The Collection.

As for October 2019, some of the predictions in the same Reddit post mentioned above include The Last Of Us, Outlast and Vampyr.

Some people have guessed The Last Of Us because of its somewhat relevance to horror, but a few have pointed out that this would be a waste thanks to the majority of Sony players already owning it.

Vampyr is a prediction many people have welcomed thanks to it having been on their bucket list, whereas Outlast is an obvious candidate again because of Halloween.

Oultast 2 is definitely an unnerving and grotesque game that would deliver the heebie-jeebies synonymous with October, while Vampyr is an underappreciated gem that would flourish as a free game.

A few other predictions also include Metro Exodus and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. This is because Lara Croft is already on Xbox Game Pass, and because her arrival would maintain Sony’s recent obsession with 2018 titles following Darksiders 3 and Detroit: Become Human.

Meanwhile, the logic behind Metro Exodus concerns its DLC having been released in August. In theory, people experiencing the base game for free for the first time would boost DLC sales.

There’s also a lot of predictions for Alien: Isolation and Resident Evil 7, but oddly none concerning Little Nightmares. This is strange as Little Nightmares could be included again because of Halloween, as well as because it has a sequel arriving next year.

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