The release time and answer to the burning question ‘when does FIFA 20 come out with EA Access’ on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

For football fanatics, today is about as exciting as the beginning of a new Premier League campaign. FIFA 20 will soon be playable for those subscribed to EA Access on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin Access on PC, and you can find its release time down below.

Although FIFA is often rightfully dismissed as a copy and paste sham with nothing new except for fresh kits, FIFA 20 actually appears to be a worthwhile instalment thanks to its necessary and hugely welcome changes to Career Mode.

You can try out the FIFA 20 Web App if it tickles your fancy, but only do so after discovering the release time for the main game with EA Access.

How to play the FIFA 20 EA Access trial

The FIFA 20 EA Access and Origin Access trial begins September 19th.

It’s a fantastic way to experience the game before its September 27th release date without having to commit to a purchase. This means you can try out some of the new Career Mode improvements and other gameplay features to see if there’s enough bang to warrant your buck.

Much like other EA Access and Origin Access trials, you will only be able to play up to ten hours of FIFA 20.

You will then be able to play the game again on September 24th if you have pre-ordered either the Ultimate or Champions Edition.

In order to enjoy ten hours of FIFA 20 through EA Access, you will have to be an EA Access subscriber on PS4 or Xbox One, or an Origin Access subscriber on PC.

You can subscribe to EA Access for $4.99 a month or $29.99 for a full year. This is more than a fair handshake with the devil as a subscription will give you access to 10% exclusive discounts, and you will be able to sample other upcoming EA titles without having to commit to a purchase.

When does FIFA 20 come out with EA Access?

There’s no official release time for when FIFA 20 comes out with EA Access, but the EA Twitter account has provided a major hint.

Per the official EA Access Twitter account, the FIFA 20 trial will not be released until the September 19th morning in the Pacific Time Zone.

This suggests that the trial will launch in the United Kingdom at about 20:00.

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