Defending the guilty adds a new star to its ranks in the form off Sofia Barclay but what else has she been in?

BBC Two’s new sitcom, Defending the Guilty, offers a new perspective in the world of courtrooms and barristers as there have been few shows, let alone comedies, that focus on defending the guilty party in a court case.

It’s an unusual concept on paper but in practice, it offers up plenty of laughs.

The unique comedy brings together a cast of experienced actors such as The IT Crowd’s Katherine Parkinson and Flowers’ Will Sharpe as well as giving a shot to relative newcomers such as Sofia Barclay. 

Defending the Guilty

Defending the Guilty primarily tells the story of two barristers, one an up and coming star of the trade, Will (Will Sharpe) and the other a world-weary lawyer who is tasked with showing the young gun the ropes, Caroline (Katherine Parkinson).

As the series’ title suggests, however, their lives aren’t made easy by the fact they always seem to get lumbered with guilty parties and must do their best to get the criminals off scot-free. 

Who is Sofia Barclay and who does she play?

Sofia Barclay appears in the series as Selina, an eye-catching woman who crosses paths with Will on a number of occasions throughout the series. 

However, Selina could well get Will in trouble as she looks to flirt with and seduce the already taken barrister.  

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What else has she been in?

Sofia Barclay is at the very start of her career in truth.

After appearing in a number of short films in recent years, such as Witchville, Avenue to Nowhere and Bistro Caprice, the actress finally got her big break into the industry in 2018 with an appearance in the film In Darkness alongside the likes of Natalie Dormer, Emily Ratajkowski and Ed Skrein.

Sofia’s TV debut came also came in 2018 when she appeared as The Doctor in the BBC mini-series Beyond the Blade.

Of course, then comes her role as Selina in Defending the Guilty.

Up next for Sofia, according to IMDb, are roles in the short film Misconduct as well as an appearance in the film Sulpher and White alongside the likes of Anna Friel, Alistair Petrie and Mark Stanley among others.

All of Defending the Guilty’s first series is available now to stream on BBC iPlayer as well as the show airing on BBC Two each Tuesday at 10pm until October 22nd.

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