Book Review | F**k Yeah, Video Games by Daniel Hardcastle aka. NerdCubed - 5/5

F**k Yeah, Video Games Review - Daniel Hardcastle

YouTube sensation NerdCubed has taken the plunge into the world of words with his debut book F**k Yeah, Video Games.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took someone's life and the best parts of the video game industry and smushed them together into a book? What do you mean, no?

Well, YouTuber and now published author Daniel Hardcastle, aka. NerdCubed, has taken it upon himself to answer that question anyway in the form of his new book Fuck Yeah, Video Games.

The book, which releases officially on September 19th, offers a beautiful blend of video games, hilarious comedy and stunning artwork. Here's what we made of it...

What is the book about?

Fuck Yeah, Video Games: The Life and Extra Lives of a Professional Nerd, to give it its full title, is the debut book from YouTuber NerdCubed, or Daniel Hardcastle to give him his full title, too.

The book sees Daniel take us on a joyous adventure through the best (and worst) of the video games industry, all the while bringing an eye for a joke and sharp wit to bind the book together into a hilarious half-memoir half-video-game-encyclopedia.

As well as Daniel's words, of which there are many, you can find the book's gorgeous illustrations that bring the words on the page to life in charming and, at times, oddly disturbing fashion - I'm looking at you Tomb Raider III chapter.

F**k Yeah, Video Games Full Cover

About the author - NerdCubed

Daniel Hardcastle is best known for his YouTube career, or what's left of it. Contrary to most YouTubers, who started out with a niche and widened it out to encompass as big an audience as possible, NerdCubed has done the opposite, earning over 2.5 million subscribers in the process. 

When his channel started out way back in 2011, his videos were a random assortment of vlogs - and an Edgar Wright signing video - but as time passed, the focus narrowed into the niche (many billions of dollars per year industry) world of video games. 

To this day, Daniel has kept the love of video games very much at the heart of his content, even if the delivery of the videos has changed from the early Minecraft and classic 'Nerd³ Plays' series to more news-driven content in recent months.   

... and illustrator

As mentioned, Fuck Yeah, Video Games features an array of stunning artwork; ranging from the glorious cover art to the adorable game references within each chapter. 

The illustrations in question are the work of artist Rebecca Maughan who, as well as appearing in videos and streams alongside Daniel, is a software engineer, Twitch streamer and the co-owner of two wonderful dogs. 

Review: Fuck, Yeah Video Games - 5/5

So, is it any good? 

To put it bluntly, yes. It's absolutely superb, in fact.

Fuck Yeah, Video Games brings together the world of video games and life of Daniel Hardcastle together in a book which should be tedious drivel but is far, far from it. 

Daniel's videos on YouTube have always had an element of comedy to them and that's more than present in the book which has left me erupting with laughter time after time. The footnotes at the bottom of each page are a stroke of genius and add plenty of comedic potential to the already joyous main text.

Each chapter focuses on a different game, for the most part, and Daniel manages to link events in his own life to the goings-on in the games themselves. A personal favourite was the chapter on Kingdom Come: Deliverance as Dan's exploits in the first mission mirrored my own pitiful experiences of being beaten to a pulp by the Skalitz woodcutter Kunesh.

On top of that, you've got the stunning artwork by Rebecca Maughan that adds a whole new level to the book and brings about plenty of laughs on its own. The comic sans chapter art for Ride to Hell: Retribution was a particular highlight. 

What more could I possibly add? Oh wait, it's only got contributions from the brilliant Stuart Ashen and Double Fine's Tim Schafer whose additions only cement the book and author's love for video games.

If you're a fan of NerdCubed on YouTube, Twitch or wherever else or are just a massive video game aficionado, you'll absolutely love Fuck Yeah, Video Games and it's well worth picking up when it releases officially on September 19th.

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