Gamers are angry about not being able to follow how to mod Grand Theft Auto San Andreas guides on PC through the Rockstar Games Launcher.

The Rockstar Games Launcher was released yesterday and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a freebie for those devoted enough to download the platform. Unfortunately, the biggest issue with the launcher is that it doesn’t support mods; a defect which has infuriated the publisher/developer’s fanbase.

Rockstar’s Game Launcher is a neat package which keeps all of your Grand Theft Autos and other Rockstar titles together in one place. While that sounds useful as hell, the bad news is that it was plagued by an ungodly amount of errors yesterday that prevented people from being able to connect.

A more fundamental issue, however, is that the service doesn’t provide mod support. This has resulted in an angry onslaught of tweets from a community who are justly disappointed in not being able to tweak the game however they want.

How to mod Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC

You cannot mod Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC through the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Venture Beat is one of many outlets to report that the “barren” launcher doesn’t feature mod support, and this massive defect has been reported on Twitter also by a colossal amount of upset gamers.

As mentioned by Twitter user @TendoRad, you cannot mod the game via the same process on Steam by downgrading it and attempting to launch through SAMP.

This has hugely disappointed the PC gaming army as one of the best aspects of playing on computers is being able to customise games through a wide variety of mods that range from serious to sheer buffoonery.

Fans react to Rockstar Games Launcher no mod support

The PC community is understandably disappointed that the Rockstar Games Launcher doesn’t feature mod support.

Granted, the inability to do so isn’t all that surprising, but players are still furious nonetheless.

Over on Reddit, there have been discussions about the lack of mod support. One post says it’s impossible to play with mods at the moment as the launcher verifies the integrity of files, and then redownloads the missing files that the mods have removed or altered.

Another comment on one of the many posts about the Rockstar Games Launcher notes that the free GTA San Andreas is the worst version thanks to its inability to mod, along with its inferior textures and missing songs.

Over on Twitter the dismay has been echoed with people furious that they cannot play any of the GTA titles with mods.

The good thing about the Rockstar Games Launcher is that it means Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC appears inevitable, but the horrible news is the uproar surroundings its lack of mod support.

If you haven’t already bought GTA San Andreas on PC, I’d highly recommend purchasing it on Steam rather than the Rockstar Games Launcher.

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