They may be one of the best-known supergroups on YouTube but how much do you know about The Sidemen?

When it comes to YouTube stars, you rarely find ones much bigger than The Sideman, an online group of some of the most popular stars on YouTube who, if they put their minds to it, could probably make an awesome boyband. 

The YouTube supergroup has been a powerhouse of content creation since October 2013 when the first six members joined before the seventh, Harry Lewis, followed suit in 2014.

On their own, each member of The Sidemen is a YouTube star in their own right but as a group, they’ve amassed an impressive following of almost six million subscribers.

But just who are the members of The Sidemen? 

Who are The Sidemen?

As we’ve mentioned, The Sidemen are a YouTube supergroup featuring some of the site’s biggest stars.

The group’s content regularly sees them playing video games, undertaking challenges as well as general comedic videos.

The group formed in 2013 and in the six years since have amassed a whopping 5.9 million subscribers on top of each member’s own subscriber count. 

The members of The Sidemen include: 

KSI – Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji

Without doubt, the biggest and most well-known member of The Sidemen is KSI aka. known as JJ.

His YouTube channel, which he started posting content to in 2009, has raked in a whopping 20 million subscribers.

He began on YouTube making FIFA videos but grew into making comedy and challenges video and eventually turned to making rap music and has also become involved in the YouTube boxing scene and is due to fight Logan Paul for a second time later this year.

Miniminter – Simon Minter

Miniminter, who joined YouTube way back in 2008 is another big-hitter in The Sidemen ranks with an impressive eight million subscribers.

Just like KSI, Miniminter began by posting FIFA videos back in 2013 and has since joined the YouTube crowd with vlogs, challenges and general comedy videos now forming the lion’s share of his content. 

Vikkstar123 – Vikram Singh Barn

Vikkstar123 (R)

Vik has been active on YouTube since his channel started up in 2010. Since then Vik has earned a tidy five million subs. 

Like those we’ve mentioned, he began on the site by posting gaming content, the only difference was that he favoured the shooter Call of Duty rather than FIFA. 

While his content has also featured some challenge videos, he’s stayed faithful to the gaming content which he still posts reasonably frequently.

W2S (Wroetoshaw) – Harry Lewis

Harry is another long-time YouTuber who has been active since 2012 when he first started posting content aged just 15. 

Since then, he’s raked in a subscriber count of 14 million.

He earned famed early on through FIFA content, something which still features but is not as prominent as he’s switched his focus onto challenge and reaction videos in recent years.

However, Harry has not posted to his channel in seven months, at the time of writing.

TBJZL – Tobi Brown

Tobi Brown (L)

Tobi is one of The Sidemen’s less well-known solo YouTubers with just three million subscribers, which is still an incredible amount in all fairness.

Much like other members of the group, Tobi began making videos on the FIFA series but his channel now focuses on more generic content such as challenges and vlogs.

Behzinga – Ethan Payne

Once again, Behzinga – who boasts a 3.2 million subscriber count – started off on YouTube in 2012 by making gaming videos which just happened to feature FIFA.

In recent years, much like the rest of the group, Ethan has branched out into more general content such as vlogs, challenges and comedy videos. 

Zerkaa – Joshua Bradley

And finally, there’s Zerkaa aka. Josh Bradley who has one of the longest-active channels among The Sidemen as his channel started up back in 2009.

While his content featured on gaming when he first started up – yep, FIFA and Call of Duty again – his videos have transitioned into more trending YouTube content such as challenges, vlogs and comedy videos.

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