After almost 30 years, Snickers will once again be called Marathon bars!

‘Back in my day’ is a phrase we grow all too familiar with as we’re reminded of how things have changed over the years. Whether it be how ‘all this was fields when I was your age’ or ‘you kids have got it easy nowadays’ it’s something we’ve all heard as the march of change presses on.

Well, multinational confectionery company Mars have decided to give the ‘back in my day’ brigade a welcome treat as they’ve announced that Snickers are to be rebranded under their former name, Marathon, for a limited time to mark 30 years since the iconic chocolate bar had its name changed.

It’s huge news for chocolate nostalgists who are keen to remind us of Snickers’ heritage every time an advert pops up on the TV.

However, Snickers aren’t the only chocolate bar to undergo a name change and here are some of the most iconic name changes as well as some obscure rebrandings from across the confectionary world.

1. Snickers | Marathon bars

Of course, as we’ve already mentioned, Marathon bars being renamed Snickers was big business back in 1990.

It’s obviously a huge deal, therefore, that the name is returning, even if it is only for a limited time. 

According to The Independent, the limited edition Marathon bars are available now from Morrisons and will be on sale for the next three months. 

2. Starburst | Opal Fruits

Ok, so Starburst may not be a chocolate bar as such but they can still be found in the sweet aisle so we’re counting time.

Starburst’s 1998 name change sparked huge debate at the time as Mars wanted to create brand consistency for the sweet across the global market.

However, that didn’t stop Asda bringing back the original Opal Fruit name for a limited time back in 2008.

3. Daim bars | Dime bars

The Daim chocolate bar has had a long and storied history since it was introduced by Swedish confectioners Marabou.

Originally, in Scadanvia that bar was known as Dajm while in the UK, it was a Dime bar.

However, to create a standardised brand, the bar was renamed Daim in 1990 but it took the UK until 2005 to ditch the Dime name.

4. Twix | Raider

While the Twix has always kept the same name here in the UK, across much of Europe, the chocolate biscuit bar was actually known as a Raider until the Twix name took over across the 1990s and early 2000s.

5. Milky Way | Flyte

The Milky War bar has been a staple in the chocolate aisle for almost 100 years but the popular confectionary has undergone a number of changes over the years.

Originally, the nougat inside the Milky Way bars was chocolate flavour, something that was changed in 1993 when the flavour became vanilla.

Around the same time, Mars created the Flyte bar which was effectively the original, chocolate Milky Way in a new wrapper. 

6. Boost Peanut | Starbar

Cadbury’s Boost bars have endured a turbulent history thanks to their usually low-placing on the ‘favourite chocolate bars lists’ in the UK but the underrated chocolate bars, more specifically the peanut version, hasn’t always boasted the Boost name.

Originally known as a Starbar back in the 1970s, Cadbury decided on bringing the bar into the Boost family in 1985 when the product was rebranded as Peanut Boost.

However, as the popularity of Boost bars waned, the Starbar name returned. In Germany and Canada, meanwhile, the Starbar is known by the name Wunderbar. 

7. Milkybar | Galak

And finally, we have another odd-one-out on this list as this is the only white chocolate bar to be featured.

The Milkybar has always kept the same name here in the UK but across much of South America and in Europe, the product is known as the disappointingly named Galak. 

Let’s face it, the Galak Kid doesn’t have the same ring as the iconic Milkybar Kid. The Galaks aren’t on me, I’m afraid.

The newly re-renamed Marathon bars are reportedly on sale at Morrisons stores now and will be available for the next three months.

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