Honestly, this is a documentary which everybody needs to see.

What is the purpose of a documentary?

Well, it’s important to highlight that they can have numerous. The main reason people watch things – whether fiction or non-fiction – is to be entertained. It’s still crucial for documentaries to entertain, or perhaps a better word would be to engross. 

However, documentaries are supposed to teach us things. No matter what they’re about, we should walk away from them having learnt something. Some great examples have helped raise awareness about societal issues which affect many directly and all of us indirectly in some way. 

In the case of bullying, most will have experienced it at some point in their lives. It can be the hardest thing in the world, whether you’re watching your loved ones go through it or yourself. The latest doc to tackle this important subject is Odd One Out, which comes from Little Mix sensation Jesy Nelson. 

Jesy Nelson of Little Mix performs on stage during day 3 of Fusion Festival 2019 on September 01, 2019 in Liverpool, England.

Jesy Nelson: ‘Odd One Out’

The documentary – entitled Jesy Nelson: ‘Odd One Out’ – is being billed as one of the year’s most essential documentaries, and for good reason. 

“My Mum is terrified about me making this documentary,” says Jesy at the very start of the doc. “She cried the other day. My mum is so protective… I think that it terrifies her knowing that I could go back to being the person I used to be five years ago.”

The hour-long doc centres upon the Little Mix icon as she talks about her growth over the years, after suffering from vicious cyberbullying and beyond. As she discusses her mental health and experiences in heartbreaking detail, Jesy works to help others who have shared her pain, looking for ways to help make things better. 

As we said, it’s very important stuff. 

How to watch the Jesy Nelson documentary

You can watch Jesy Nelson: ‘Odd One Out’ now on BBC iPlayer, and – from the time of writing – is set to be available for the next eleven months; it was released on Thursday, September 12th 2019. 

Her determination to get the documentary out there should be applauded, and fans have since taken to social media to highlight the wonderful work she’s doing in helping victims of bullying and raising awareness. One Twitter user wrote: “This Jesy Nelson documentary needs to be shown in every single school and college up and down the country to show that words can break even the most strongest looking people and ruin so many lives. Just be kind.”

Be sure to give it a watch and spread the word!

Not in the UK? 

Don’t worry, those outside of the UK can access BBC iPlayer. 

All you need is a VPN tool to relocate your VPN to the UK. By doing so, you can create an account and login to watch the doc at your convenience.

Step 1. Pick a VPN Tool

There are a wealth of VPN tools out there but we recommend the likes of Express VPN, VPN Hub, Panda, Cyber Ghost, Nord VPN, Pure VPN or Vypr VPN.

All of them will cost a little bit of money although some of the tools offer free 30-day trials.

Step 2. Download and Install

Simply sign up to your chosen VPN tool – usually via one, three, six or 12-month deals – and download the tool.

Step 3. Follow the Instructions

Each VPN tool comes with different guidelines.

However, they’re all relatively easy to follow but may vary depending on whether you have a MacBook or Windows software.

The key is remembering to select ‘UK’ when prompted to select where you would like your new VPN to be registered.

Step 4. Give it a watch

With the VPN correctly setup you should now be able to access any worldwide website.

This means that you could set up an account for the American Netflix, login to cbs.com or do whatever the hell you want!

The same method can be applied for those in Australia, as you too can download a VPN tool and access the CBS website to catch up with episodes.

Alternatively, we’re sure there are online streaming platforms that upload episodes – such as TVmuse.cc – but they are illegal and we cannot promote them…

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