Don’t worry, Good Food have left far more than a trail of breadcrumbs.

Not a good feeling is it…

You wake up, make coffee, prepare breakfast and head over to the TV. For some, this morning ritual is finalised by tuning in to the Good Food channel to the likes of John Torode and more. 

“Wait a minute… huh!” you might say, confused to find that the channel is no longer there. “Huh” indeed. The British cooking channel launched way back in 2001, although it has undergone changes since then. However, just shy of a two-decade reign, it’s disappeared. 

Of course, channels don’t just disappear. They’re pulled from broadcast, cast away, or even moved. Which fate has befell Good Food? Let’s take a look… 

John Torode during the Master Chef Lunch as part of Advertising Week Europe on March 26, 2015 in London, England.

What happened to the Good Food channel?

The foodie channel Good Food used to be available to audiences on Sky (channel 198), Virgin (260) and channel 313 through BT and Talk Talk (313). Now, that’s not the case. 

Over on their official Twitter, they released a statement bursting with puns, letting fans in on what’s been going on: “The thyme has come for us to cut to the cheese and taco ‘bout our new home on @FoodNetwork_UK they’re kind of a big dill.

So ketchup on all your favourite delicious British food shows on the only channel for good food favourites, Food Network. Come and share the love of food!”

Audiences have loved tuning in to watch the likes of the Hairy Bikers, Rachel Allen and beyond, but they’ll have to head over to a new channel to do so now. 


What does this mean?

Good Food officially stopped broadcasting on Thursday, September 12th 2019. 

Over on their Twitter, they wrote: “Good Food Channel has closed, but your favourite British Good Food shows now have a sweet and shiny new home over on @FoodNetwork_UK.”

Fortunately, this means that familiar faces and favourite shows will carry over as part of the merger. It’ll give food lovers the chance to chow down on some new shows on the new network, as well as continuing to enjoy the ones which used to be on Good Food. Same shows and more, different place!

As reported by Metro, the two culinary channels have come together because of Discovery Networks acquisition of Good Food, along with Really and Home; the same source notes that it’s part of an agreement with BBC Studios over UK:TV.


Food Network

If you’re keen to head over to Food Network and check out the new home of your old favourites, here’s what channel to go to:

– Sky: Channel 140

– Virgin: Channel 291

– Freeview: Channel 41

– Freesat: Channel 148 

So, if you thought it was gone for good, now’s the time to breathe a sigh of relief and sit back with the Food Network. 

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