Piers Morgan to interview Cristiano Ronaldo on When Piers Met this week

Juventus new signing Cristiano Ronaldo poses for a portrait shoot on July 16, 2018 in Turin, Italy.

Love him or hate him, few TV presenters have as much pulling power as Piers Morgan when it comes to sitting down with A-list celebrities. On Tuesday night (September 17th) Piers meets Cristiano Ronaldo.

As one of the most iconic footballer players in history, Cristiano Ronaldo's professional and personal life has been open to analysis for over 15 years.

With his pace and technical ability still at a breathtaking peak, it's hard to believe Ronaldo is 34 years old. He's played for the biggest clubs in the world, lapping up the attention as a sporting idol in Portugal, England, Spain and Italy.

Yet despite this, there's still a lot we don't know about CR7. Only myths, legends and rumours.

What is his relationship with Lionel Messi really like? What of the various stories surrounding tax evasion, hush money deals and rumours about his family?  

It's rare to see Ronaldo breach a topic that isn't directly linked to his exploits on the pitch with pre and post-match interviews the best it gets for die-hard Ronnie fans.

Hopefully, however, Piers Morgan is about to change all of that.

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How to watch When Piers Met Cristiano Ronaldo

Pier Morgan will sit down with C Ronaldo on Tuesday, September 17th.

The feature airs on ITV at 9 pm and will last for 60 minutes.

If you miss the episode then you can always catch up via the official ITV media player, ITVHub. The interview is a one-off special and there is no When Pier Met the following week.

What does Piers ask?

Piers is known for 'prodding the fire' and asking questions that other journalists may stray away from. There's a lot to Cristiano Ronaldo's personal life that fans want to know about although it is unknown how deep Piers can dig.

Let's hope it's not just an hour of the Arsenal fan asking for football advice and enquiring into Ronaldo's daily diet for weight loss advice.

Piers has promised fans that Ronaldo is the "most open he's ever been" and said in a Tweet that much of what the footballer reveals is nothing short of "astonishing".

Other fans were less impressed with the ITV presenter's plugging of the interview having opened a pandoras box of controversy by hailing Cristiano as the 'GO.A.T'.


Whatever happens in the interview there is clearly no love lost between the pair, with Piers recently spotted at Ronaldo's CR7 fragrance launch. 

Now there's a power celebrity pair we weren't expecting to see in 2019. 

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