Netflix's Tall Girl: Who is rising star Luke Eisner? Age, Instagram and previous roles!

Luke Eisner In Tall Girl

Netflix are back at it in the rom-com genre with Tall Girl but who is love interest, Luke Eisner?

As well as offering up plenty of new and original content for its subscribers to enjoy, Netflix is also showcasing its ability to become a proving ground for up and coming acting talent as well.

For some of the streaming service's lower budget content, new and upcoming actors are drafted in and it could prove to be the stepping stone many actors need in order to go onto appear in bigger and better things.

One such actor who fits that bit is Tall Girl's Luke Eisner who takes on a starring role in the high-school rom-com.

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Tall Girl

Netflix's Tall Girl tells the story of a 6'1 schoolgirl by the name of Jodi. Her height becomes her defining factor at school and is met with bullying, ridicule and as many stereotypical tall jokes as you can cram into an hour and forty-minute-long film. 

One of Jodi's chief concerns as prom season approaches is that she has no chance of finding a date until, that is, a tall and handsome foreign exchange student by the name of Stig, no not the one from Top Gear, makes an appearance at school.

Tall Girl arrives on Netflix on Friday, September 13th, 2019.

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Tall Girl

Who is Luke Eisner?

Luke Eisner is the up and coming actor who takes on the role of this enigmatic new exchange student.

Eisner's 6'2 frame and long blond locks make him the perfect candidate to be a foreign exchange student, particularly one from Scandanavia.

Aside from his fledgeling acting career, Eisner is also a model and musician and is one half of the music duo VOILÀ, alongside British musician Gus Ross.

Being at the start of his career, Eisner's social media following isn't on par with the a-listers of Hollywood but he's certainly starting to make a name for himself with over 30,000 followers on Instagram, which is only likely to increase with his role in Netflix's Tall Girl.

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What else has Luke Eisner been in?

The American actor is very much taking his first few steps into the acting world. In Tall Girl, 20-year-old Luke Eisner appears in only his third acting role, according to IMDb.

His acting career began earlier in 2019 with a role in ABC's The Goldbergs before he went onto appear in another Netflix series, Family Reunion, which dropped back in July.

Up next for Eisner is a reported role in a TV series known as Timeline but there are few details about the show available online.

Either way, you can watch Luke Eisner now in Netflix's Tall Girl which starts streaming from September 13th.

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