Some NBA 2K20 fans have supposedly received bans for exploiting the now patched badge glitch.

NBA 2K20 has now been out for a week, and – in addition to still bemoaning the lack of a fix for the ‘MyPlayer no name’ conundrum – fans are now reporting several patches to the badge glitch and that players have received bans.

Thanks to its gross promotion of gambling and supposed false advertising that resulted in #FireRonnie2K trending on Twitter, NBA 2K20 has been review bombed by justly disgruntled fans who have made it the second-worst game on Steam of all time.

There’s still no patch notes for update 1.02, but the community is reporting that the badge glitch has been patched and that players have received bans for having exploited the bug.

What is the NBA 2K20 badge glitch?

The NBA 2K20 badge glitch is a workaround on PS4 and Xbox One that allows players to skip all the necessary grinding.

It’s been prevalent in past instalments such as NBA 2K19, with the process even said to be identical in 2K20.

Although the badge glitch is a neat way to avoid having to work until you collapse, the dangers of exploiting it arise from the possibility of receiving a ban from 2K Sports.

And that’s exactly what the NBA 2K20 community is reporting.

Has the NBA 2K20 badge glitch been patched?

It’s not surprising but a number of fans have reported on Twitter that the badge glitch has been patched.

The exploit isn’t to everyone’s liking as there are fans who loathe cheats with HOF badges in the Park, but for a lot of people it’s a welcomed means to an end.

YouTube videos claiming to boast badge glitches that are still alive post update 1.02/3 are running rampant, but it’s impossible to tell what works and what doesn’t thanks to contradictory comments.

Either way, 2K Sports now has a sniff of the badge glitch and they’re doing all they can to eliminate it.

NBA 2K20 fans report receiving “unfair” bans

In addition to echoing comments about the badge glitch having been patched, members of the NBA 2K20 community also reporting that players have received bans for exploiting the glitch.

The below Twitter user points out that it’s not them who has been banned as of yet, but they note that some “MF” has been hurt.

This is supposedly an unfair ban thanks to the fact the game’s broken and because it’s ridiculous to punish gamers instead of the employees responsible for the glitches existing.

Some other users have also reported bans being received, but NBA 2K20 Intel suggests there is no proof of this.

This has resulted in a merry go round with people suggesting that the bans are for VC glitches rather than badge, meanwhile most are suggesting that people of 94 OVR should be banned.

NBA 2K20 is available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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