Borderlands 3: Can you switch from horizontal to vertical split-screen? Fans bemoan unreadable co-op!

Borderlands 3 How To Switch From Horizontal To Vertical Split Screen

Fans of Borderlands 3 are upset that the unreadable co-op can't be switched from horizontal to vertical split-screen.

Borderlands 3 is finally out and a number of fans are enjoying its meme-based comedy and ridiculous arsenal of weapons. That is except for the fans who want to enjoy split-screen co-op in vertical rather than horizontal thanks to the latter making everything unreadable and hence unplayable.

Although the comedy isn't as sharp as Tales From The Borderlands with an equally inferior soundtrack, Borderlands 3 is still a fun experience that fans of the second instalment will enjoy from beginning to the end.

There's a mouth-watering amount of crazy guns that would make Rocket Racoon weep from joy, each of the Vault Hunters are fun to play as thanks to unique abilities and playstyles, and the main villains are surprisingly worthy substitutes for the notorious Handsome Jack.

Only problem is the horizontal split-screen.

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Borderlands 3: Can you switch from horizontal to vertical split-screen?


You cannot switch from horizontal to vertical split-screen in Borderlands 3.

As reported by a dozen angry gamers wanting to enjoy split-screen co-op with their mates or fiancée, it's currently impossible to switch from horizontal split-screen to vertical.

This is a huge disappointment as it makes split-screen co-op an ugly and insufferable method of multiplayer as it makes all of the text unreadable.

Fortunately, there is a slight workaround that makes the above conundrum slightly more tolerable.

Borderlands 3 Release Times Ps4, Xbox One And Epic Games Store

How to increase the size of subtitles in Borderlands 3

The biggest issue with horizontal split-screen in Borderlands 3 is that it makes all of the subtitles unreadable unless you have a magnifying glass.

Although this won't completely satisfy those who are thirsty for vertical split-screen, a way to make horizontal more tolerable is by increasing the size of subtitles.

In order to do this, all you need to do is proceed to Options, select Accessibility, and enter the Sound section. Once you've done that, you should find a slider for increasing the size of Subtitles & CC.

This won't completely fix all of the issues with horizontal split-screen, but it should make it far easier to read all of the fine print in-game.

Fans want vertical split-screen in Borderlands 3

Thanks to horizontal split-screen being an ugly visual form in which both top and bottom suffer, fans of Borderlands 3 are understandably pleading with Gearbox to patch in vertical split-screen.

As well as being annoyed by the lack of a vertical split-screen options, gamers are also vexed by the co-op experience being insufferably laggy.

There's no official word on whether or not Gearbox will eventually add vertical split-screen to the game, but hopefully the clamouring from fans will cause them do so.

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