A guide for how to skip the Borderlands 3 intro on PC only thanks to the methods not being plausible for PS4 and Xbox One.

Borderlands 3 is finally here, and – aside from lamenting its horrible horizontal split-screen – fans are begging to know how to skip the game’s intro. This can be achieved for PC gamers, but it sadly can’t be done on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Thanks to the Pre-Sequel being a disappointing and boring follow-up to the series’ groundbreaking second instalment, Borderlands 3 is a happy return to the franchise as it’s the natural step forward in evolution for Gearbox.

It contains all of the whacky meme-based comedy and ridiculous arsenal of guns fans expect from a Borderlands experience, and it also provides what many people consider to be the encapsulating sound for the series, The Heavy.

But how can fans skip the intro to avoid seeing the same opening cut-scene when starting a new playthrough?

How to skip the Borderlands 3 intro on PC

Unfortunately, PC gamers cannot skip the Borderlands 3 intro simply by pressing a command on their keyboard. However, they can skip it by jumping through an unnecessary amount of hoops by rummaging through the game’s folders.

It’s likely Gearbox will provide a patch to allow gamers to skip the intro more easily, but so far there have been two solutions shared online.

One of these comes from Reddit and a user named MaryJaneAstell. According to this individual, PC players can partially skip the intro by venturing into the install folder to find MARCUS_INTRO in Borderlands3/OakGames/Content/Movies.

Once you’ve found the above, the user says to rename the file as MARCUS_INTRO Backup.

In theory, this will allow you to skip the opening intro of the game every time you begin a new playthrough to try out one of the other Vault Hunters.

As well as renaming the above file, you can also rename 2KLOGO, AMDLOGO and GBXLOGO the same way to skip the splash in-between movies.

In addition to the above, another method comes from the Gearbox forums and a user named SIMJEDI.

This user says they were able to skip the intro by removing the MARCUS_INTRO file and LOGO files from the Movies directory into a backup folder in the same directory.

Can you skip the Borderlands 3 intro on PS4 and Xbox One

While the solution for PC gamers is more convoluted than just simply pressing a button, the real unfortunate news is that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One loyalists are subjected to watching the same intro every time they begin a new playthrough.

It’s probable that Gearbox will allow console gamers to skip the intro through a later patch, but for now the only solution is to avoid watching it by making a brew or updating your Facebook status.

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