In just six episodes, Vinnie has become a TV favourite to remember.

Well, that went down a storm, didn’t it!?

There has never been a harder time to stand out in the realm of TV; it’s never been more competitive. It’s always interesting which series’ are able to fight to the forefront and win our affections, and recently Brassic has done just that.  

It follows the life of Vinnie and his mates in the northern town of Hawley. Sure, it’s not exactly an idyllic life, but time spent with these characters is worth cherishing. That’s a pretty grand statement considering we’ve only had six episodes with them! They’re all immediately interesting and entertaining to watch, but the show has no shortage of genuine heart either. 

Coming to terms with his situation and always striving for better, Vinnie makes mistakes, but with mistakes comes clarity and life-lessons. Brassic is many things, and although it’s incredibly rare, it juggles all of these things seamlessly. Fans have found such a contemplative, hopeful yet utterly hilarious piece of work so refreshing, and the talented cast at its core has a lot to do with that. 

Who plays Vinnie in Brassic?

Over the course of just one season, fans have become completely taken with the central character of Vinnie. 

The writing is pitch-perfect, but in turn, you need a great performer to pull it all off – who better really than co-creator Joe Gilgun! He’s a 35-year-old actor who has cultivated quite the following over the years, but plenty of audiences will still recognise him for the role of Eli Dingle on popular soap Emmerdale. Joe reprised the character for four years from 2006 to 2010, but there’s a wealth of highlights across his career. 

Although his Emmerdale fame is perhaps the most apparent, a number of audiences – and certainly Shane Meadows fans – will recognise Joe for playing Woody in both the film and series continuation of This Is England. He starred alongside the likes of Thomas Turgoose (Shaun), Stephen Graham (Combo) and many more wonderful talents. It’s probably his best performance to date, but Brassic fans may beg to differ. 

Other than that, it’s also worth highlighting roles in Misfits (Rudy Wade), Preacher (he played Cassidy), 2014’s Pride (Mike), The Infiltrator (Dominic) and Harry Brown (Kenny).

Does Vinnie die?

No, but he has a pretty rough time navigating the perils of episode six!

After stealing a car it’s clear that Vinnie’s in a spot of bother, but he had enough on his plate without discovering what was in the boot. Realising he’s got a bunch of stolen antiques which belong to Terence McCann, trouble rears its head. 

After a very blunt threat, he’s made to return the goods and find whoever it was that stole them, which doesn’t prove to be very easy. Finding these prized possessions in the jaws of dogs and beyond, it made for exciting and tense viewing, with the show’s winning sense of humour thrown in, obviously. 

We’re really looking forward to seeing more of Vinnie and the gang, but are they definitely returning to screens?

Will there be a Brassic series 2?

Yes! It’s the news we all want to hear after a stellar season of telly. 

As we reported earlier, a second series has been confirmed by the cast and filming is currently underway. So, we can rest assured that more Brassic episodes are on the way with the cast set to reprise their roles. Optimistically, we can expect it to return to screens in 2020, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for updates. 

According to Express, Joe said of the decision to bring it back: “We all feel truly blessed to have a second series. I wouldn’t know how to thank Sky for having our back like they have.” Thanks Sky!

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