When is It: Chapter Two out on DVD?

It: Chapter Two dir. Andy Muschietti 2019

Two years after Stephen King's It arrived in our cinemas, we finally have the long-awaited sequel in the record-breaking horror series.

Ever since 2017's first film in the It series, fans have eagerly awaited the release of Chapter Two which, after two years of waiting, has finally arrived.  

It: Chapter Two may currently be terrifying cinema-goers but dedicated fans of the Stephen King series are undoubtedly calling for the film to release on DVD and Blu-Ray already. 

But when are we likely to see James McAvoy and co. take on Pennywise from the comfort of our own home?

What is It: Chapter Two about?

Set 27 years after 2017's first film, It: Chapter Two rejoins Billy, Beverly and co. as they reunite to take on the threat of Pennywise who has returned after he was not killed off despite the gang's best efforts in the Derry sewers at the end of It: Chapter One.

The original cast may all have moved on from the events of Chapter One when we join them at the start of the second film but they quick;y realise that It has indeed returned and unite to fight off the fearsome creature.

It Chapter Two dir. Andy Muschietti 2019

When is It: Chapter Two out on DVD and Blu-Ray?


The film itself is already available to pre-order over on Amazon as well as a two-movie bundle alongside 2017's first film.

However, at the time of writing, there has been no confirmed DVD or Blu-Ray release date for It: Chapter Two here in the UK, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as and when we hear anything new.

Although, the usual release schedule for DVDs is roughly four months, so unless something drastic happens, we're likely to see It: Chapter Two hitting store shelves in early January 2020, our best guess for the time being would be January 6th but obviously we'll know for certain closer to the time.

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It Pennywise

It: Chapter Two's box office returns

The horror sequel has been raking in the cash since it released here in the UK on September 6th and has so far managed to earn a tidy $198 million so far.

The total is a remarkable amount for a horror film, however, the box office totals of 2017's It: Chapter One, the highest-grossing horror flick of all time, still dwarfs its sequel.

Chapter Two's opening weekend return in the US of $91 million would be a record-breaking amount if it wasn't for Chapter One's $123 million gross and there's a long way to go for Chapter Two to reach the $700 million record set by the original.

While it may be unlikely that Chapter Two will take the fight to its predecessor at the box office, the film is still performing superbly and is setting itself up to be the second-highest-grossing horror film of all time quite nicely.

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