Netflix makes room for another sci-fi thriller this September.

Another one guys, sorry! 

We know, we know, there’s enough to watch as it is, but yet again Netflix has wheeled out another show to capture curiosity. 

The streaming service really are cementing themselves as one of the best places to watch TV right now. There are some incredible series on there, from Stranger Things to Mindhunter, but of course, there are some pretty bad ones too. However, this should still be something to admire. Netflix is always willing to take risks; rather than narrowing its focus on the shows which have a proven track record, they release more and more new content than ever before to search for the next big thing. 

Sure, not all of them stick – Another Life and others were sadly considered duds – but they continue to strive for new shows to satisfy subscribers. With new stuff coming in every week, let’s shine a light on The I-Land. 

The I-Land: Natalie Martinez as Chase

This new mini-series was released on Netflix on Thursday, September 12th 2019, with all seven episodes being made available simultaneously. 

It’s an American science fiction thriller and was created by Anthony Salter, executive produced by Neil LaBute, Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev. The series centres upon a group of ten who wake up on an island with no memory of who they are. Immediately, they are faced with the task of escape, but actually, the world is nothing as we expect it to be…

Anthony’s mysterious chiller is sure to earn fans as more flock to see it, and actually, it boasts a pretty terrific cast to help draw people in. The ensemble helps to keep us invested in this terrain of traps and torment, with the character of Chase proving to be a quick stand-out. 

She’s played by 35-year-old American actress and model Natalie Martinez. Ring any bells? Perhaps it will in a moment…

Natalie Martinez: Movies & TV

The actress first appeared on screens in 2006 in the TV series Fashion House (she played Michelle Miller), but has since gone on to star in a wide range of productions. 

She also boasts the recurring role of Pilar Martin in Saints and Sinners. Other more notable TV projects include Detroit 1-8-7 (Detective Ariana Sanchez), CSI: NY (Detective Jamie Lovato), Under the Dome (Linda Esquivel), Secrets and Lies (Jess Murphy), Kingdom (Alicia Mendez), From Dusk Till Dawn (Amaru), APB (Theresa Murphy) and The Crossing (Reece). 

She’s been in some films you may have enjoyed too. Her first film role was in 2008’s Death Race, in which she played Case. Beyond that, she’s starred in Broken City (Natalie Barrow), Self/Less (Madeline), The Land (Evelyn), Message from the Kind (Trish), Keep Watching (Nicole) and the criminally underrated 2012 buddy cop movie End of Watch starring Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man: Far From Home) and Michael Peña (Ant-Man); she played Gabby. 

Actress Natalie Martinez of the television show The Crossing speaks onstage during the ABC Television

Follow her on Instagram!

If you want to stay up to date with the actress, you’ll definitely want to head over to her Instagram. 

You can follow her over at @iamnataliemartinez; she boasts an incredible 129k followers. When posting about The I-Land she said: “Can’t wait to share with all of you!!!”

Now it’s here, let’s hope it goes down a treat. It’s available to stream in full on Netflix now, and be sure to check out The Crossing – she’s great in it. Other than that, she’s also set to star in Battle at Big Rock, a Jurassic World-related short from director Colin Trevorrow, which will release on Sunday, September 15th 2019. 

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