Where is The I-Land filmed? Stunning location not enough to save new Netflix series!

The I-Land

If you're looking to get lost in a new series, why not give The I-Land a try.

Audiences aren't quite certain whether they want to be stranded with this one just yet...

How many new shows have you checked out this year? For some it's plenty, but for others, it hasn't been such an adventurous 2019. To be fair, we've seen so many great shows return - Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, Game of Thrones, Mindhunter to name a few - that it's been hard to find the time to take a risk on something new. 

On the other hand, if you make the time, Netflix makes it pretty easy to take a gamble - remember, your favourite show started somewhere! The streaming service has kickstarted a wide range of new titles so far this year, as you'd expect, to varying degrees of success. 

Efforts like Another Life didn't quite take off as planned, but audiences went into The I-Land hoping that their latest sci-fi punt had better luck. Let's take a look around... 

The I-Land

The I-Land location

This seven-episode sci-fi thriller series was created by Anthony Salter and landed on Netflix on Thursday, September 12th 2019. 

It follows a group of ten people who suddenly awake on an island with no memory of who they are - pretty scary stuff. Tasked with uncovering their true identities and grander questions, they soon discover that the world is far from the one we recognise. Although familiar, it's still a solid set-up which provides lots of potential to explore ideas.

With a show of this nature, the location is just as important as the casting, so where was it filmed? According to the Express, most of what we see is filmed in the Dominican Republic; much was shot in the San Pedro De Macoris, Las Terrenas and Samaná areas of the country. 

On the other hand, the same source highlights that some of it was filmed in a Dominican location of Pinewood Studios (Pinewood Indomina Studios). Some of the set-pieces must have been a little too elaborate for location shoots, but it's clear they made good use of the sites they found. 

The I-Land filming took place between October and December 2018. 

There are worse casts to be marooned with!

With great locations, just add great performers. Luckily for The I-Land, there's some serious talent aboard to help elevate the material. Check out some of the main cast below:

- Kate Bosworth as KC (Before I Wake, Still Alice)

- Sibylla Deen as Blair (Desolate, The Last Ship)

- Kota Eberhardt as Taylor (Dark Phoenix, The Persian Connection)

- Gilles Geary as Mason (The Path, Bad Education)

- Natalie Martinez as Chase (The Crossing, End of Watch)

- Anthony Lee Medina as Donovan (Flesh and Bone, The First Purge)

- Ronald Peet as Cooper (First Reformed, The Meyerowitz Stories)

- Alex Pettyfer as Brody (I Am Number Four, In Time)

- Kyle Schmid as Moses (A History of Violence, Copper)

- Michelle Veintimilla as Hayden (Gotham, Seven Seconds)


Audiences have their say

So, what's the verdict so far?

Currently, the audience score on IMDb is it a measly 4.6, but then again that's only with 53 ratings. Already though, it's gotten people talking on Twitter, and it's clear that it's set to divide audiences. One viewer wrote: "Started watching #TheILand on @netflix and damn it reminds me so much of #LOST!! Now I’m nostalgic." Lost has proven incredibly influential on the modern TV landscape, but some have borrowed from it more than others, clearly. 

On the other hand, one expressed: "The I-Land is absolutely dreadful. Don't waste your time." Similarly, another added: "#TheILand on Netflix is horrible. Like, it is shocking how terrible this show is. I almost recommend it just because of how fascinatingly bad it is." Then again, it's not all bad, with one saying "it's that kind of hokey s**t that I just can't stop watching! Got a Westworld, Maze Runner kinda vibe."

Looks like it's still finding its footing with audiences though. We'll see how this one goes...

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