Project Resistance closed beta date, time and how to sign up for PS4 and Xbox One

Project Resistance Closed Beta Date, Time And How To Sign Up PS4, Xbox One And PC

Everything you must know about the date, time and how to sign up process for the Project Resistance closed beta on PS4 and Xbox One.

Project Resistance is far from being the new Resident Evil game announcement everyone wanted, but for fans of asymmetrical multiplayer games it could be a fun distraction while waiting for either Resident Evil 8 or Nemesis Remake to be announced. And you'll soon be able to sample a taste via its upcoming closed beta for which you can discover its date, time and signing up process for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One below.

Most fans expected Project Resistance to unearth a multiplayer spin-off when it was teased earlier in the year thanks to the revelation of play tests in Japan, but this expectation still didn't help fans avoid the feeling of crushing disappointment.

However, while a multiplayer spin-off is bad news for the majority who wanted more single-player survival horror action, the good news is that these naysayers and sceptics can sample a taste through a closed beta before completely dismissing the game's worth.

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Project Resistance closed beta date and time

The Project Resistance closed beta dates are October 4 - 7.

This means you only have three days to try-out its Friday the 13th-esque gameplay before having to commit to a full purchase to experience more.

Although the idea of a new Resident Evil multiplayer game will make fans shudder from thoughts of another Umbrella Corps, the notion of controlling Mr X is no doubt an attractive proposition.

Especially when it'll provide you with the glorious opportunity to squash and kill four of your mates as the trench coat juggernaut.

How to sign up for the Project Resistance closed beta on PS4

While the closed beta is less than a month away, those hoping to be a part of the closed experience only have eight days to sign up.

Fanciful players can sign up from September 12 until the 19th only.

Unfortunately, this is a lot more complicated than simply visiting the website, filling in your details and sitting on your hands as you wait for an email from Capcom.

One of the hoops you must jump through includes becoming a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador Program.

Click here to fill in the required questionnaire to become a member.

Provided you successfully fill in the questionnaire and become a member, you then need to fill in a closed beta entry test form.

Once you've done all of the above, you then need to just wait for a code from the Resident Evil team via email.

Codes are expected to be delivered on September 30 at 07:00 PST (15:00 United Kingdom).

Project Resistance

How to sign up for the Project Resistance closed beta on Xbox One

For those hoping to join the closed beta on Xbox One, a subscription to the Xbox Insider Program is mandatory.

The Xbox Insider Program is a feature that allows you to experience work-in-progress content before they're released so you can share your feedback.

Unfortunately, only a limited number of people will be able to install the Project Resistance closed beta after installing and signing up for the Xbox Insider Program.

How to sign up for the Project Resistance closed beta on PC

The bad news is that you can't sign up for the Project Resistance closed beta on PC because there isn't one.

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It's possible PC players will be able to enjoy their own closed beta at a later date, but for now the master race community has nothing.

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