Greedfall tips and tricks pertaining to the consequences for arresting or helping the Charlatan escape Serene.

Greedfall has just come out and gamers are currently head over heels in love thanks to it having usurped BioWare to their vacant throne for RPGs. With the remarkable experience still being fresh, a lot of gamers are understandably in search of tips and tricks, with one of them being an insight into the consequences that come with arresting or helping the Charlatan.

Developed by Spiders, Greedfall is a wonderful experience that encapsulates everything amazing about RPGs similar to Dragon Quest XI with JRPGs. There are outdated elements about it such as its visuals and arguably small world, but these kinks give it a charm that make it the best successor to the original Dragon Age from back in 2009.

If you’ve just bought the game and are seeking assistance with what to do, below you’ll discover a guide to the consequences that come with arresting or helping the Charlatan.

Greedfall – Charlatan location

Helping or arresting the Charlatan is one of the viable outcomes in one of the first of many side quests in Greedfall.

You can find him in the opening town of Serene in the very middle of the city shouting like a madman. To be more specific, you’ll want to venture onwards from the Bridge Alliance Embassy until you cross a bridge.

Once you’ve crossed this bridge, you should be able to hear the Charlatan yelling nonstop about a “discovery that will give you faith in existence.”

Climbing the stairs to approach the Charlatan will trigger a cut scene in which you then need to find his potion cart to persuade him to drink his own elixir in front of the crowd of sheep.

Provided you find the potions and return to the Charlatan, you will then be able to witness a sweet cut scene of humiliation in which you unmask him as a fraud unwilling to drink his own consumables.

You will then need to find him again, but this hide and seek isn’t all that annoying as he can be found squatting in the local tavern. Simply climb the stairs and enter the door on the right to confront the miscreant.

Consequencs for helping and arresting the Charlatan

After asking how you dare enter his room, the Charlatan will greet your acquaintance with a sob story about how he was forced to leave the Alliance because of Sahin and how he was once a respected member of the Academy of Al Saad.

This ensuing conversation will make you pity the Charlatan as a courageous hero who fell from grace, but you’ll still be confronted with the choice to either arrest or help him escape.

One of the many attractive elements of Greedfall and most RPGs are its choices and outcomes, and the same applies to this very situation.

If you choose to be stick in the mud who follows the law to a tee by arresting him, you will be rewarded with 50 gold and +3 reputation with the Bridge Alliance. Whereas if you help him escape through one of many means, the Charlatan will show his appreciation by gifting you 80 gold.

At the end of either arresting or helping the Charlatan, you will be faced with another choice when reporting back to the Alliance Ambassador Sahin. If you confront Sahin ‘on his lie’ you will lose 1 Bridge reputation and receive 50 gold, whereas avoiding confrontation will bag you +1 reputation and 50 gold.

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