The creativity of this episode is certainly one for the books.

Fans were treated to one of the most imaginative episodes of Grand Designs recently, with Kevin McCloud heading out to Lincolnshire.  

Kevin’s the perfect presenter for the show after all these years, but as this episode on Wednesday, September 11th 2019 taught us, he’s not quite so great at the game Operation though! 

This Lincolnshire-set episode centres upon Paul and Amy Wilkinson, who bought a patch of land a couple of years ago and are ready to realise a home so unique to their passion for history and the unique. From the start, it’s clear that this will be a massive challenge: a Celtic roundhouse superhome. 

It’s every bit as interesting and intriguing as it sounds, so let’s jump into it. 

Grand Designs in Lincolnshire

Cylinders, open-plan, lake views and an embrace of Celtic design, there’s a lot going on here. 

As Kevin is quick to point out, the design and layout of the home sound more like a village than a house, and yet, Paul is determined to get it built in just one year. “It’s always been our dream to build our own home, and to build one that’s really strange and really unique,” he explains. 

The name of the game is eight-cylinder buildings, made off-site. Essentially, they’re interconnected creating a design so distinctive that Paul’s aim for the unique seems somewhat of an understatement. 

Paul bought the 16-acre spot marshland for £140,000 and set up a leisure business called Lakeside Fishing Lodges. However, the challenge extends far beyond. For the home, the cylinders will harbour a living room, kitchen, five en suite bedrooms and then there are the luxuries of a swimming pool and spa, games room and dog kennels. Yeah, it’s a big one!

Fan of the sofa?

Of course, with such a striking and unusual design, the final product was met with mixed reactions from everyone at home.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Not my taste but an amazing project, especially in 13 months. And they clearly love it which is all that matters #granddesigns.” This view seems to be shared by a number of fans.

Another added “I love the couple on this week’s #granddesigns. The house is lovely and twitter’s snobbery towards their playful taste is a bit. You’ve got to love and admire Paul & Amy.” Perhaps the element of the home to attract the most heat on social media is the sofa, which clearly doesn’t have too many fans beyond the couple themselves.

One wrote: “£8k for a sofa that looks like a lilo #granddesigns.” Take a look at it in the tweet below!


Grand Designs: Paul Wilkinson

Despite what audiences think, was it all worth it? Were Paul and Amy happy with the results?

You bet! The results are striking, to say the least. It’s pretty much unlike anything we’ve seen on Grand Designs before. With a wealth of hard work and admirable faith in friends, they persevere through delays and issues to get it all done. However, there were some serious problems along the way. 

It was the project of a lifetime for Paul, meaning he very rarely left the site as his home was being sculpted. As it progresses, he is taken into hospital for an operation; he was told earlier to avoid manual labour. It looks as though it could all fall apart for the couple, but in the end, it all pays off. With Paul describing himself as an insomniac, he can sleep well knowing that the home is no longer a pipedream, but a stunning reality. 

After all the strenuous efforts, it’s built and audiences are treated to a humble and beautiful display from Paul and Amy, over the moon with what they and the team have conjured up.

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