Fans are begging to know whether Square Enix has cast Mark Hamill as the voice of Don Corneo in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The Tokyo Game Show has been fantastic so far thanks to the likes of Death Stranding, and one of the biggest highlights has been the Final Fantasy 7 Remake which seems to boast the vocals of the legendary Mark Hamill as the infamous Don Corneo.

Despite being a remake of one of the PlayStation One’s greatest ever video games (and one of the most renowned JRPGs of all time), Final Fantasy 7 is looking and feeling more like a new game with every showing.

There’s been some minor controversy surrounding the title such as Tifa supposedly having a smaller bosom, but aside from that everything about the Remake promises to please both old and new fans.

Fans react to Mark Hamill as Don Corneo

Square Enix have released a new trailer for their upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake and it introduces Don Corneo for the first time with the game’s stunningly beautiful visual upgrade.

As pointed out by a lot of fans on Twitter as well as publications such as PCGamesN, the voice of Corneo sounds a lot like Mark Hamill of Star Wars and Joker fame.

The voice definitely sounds a lot like Hamill’s Clown Prince of Crime from the Batman Animated Series and Arkham video games, so it’s easy to understand where the rumours/mouth-watering has emanated from.

Hamill hasn’t been officially confirmed as the stereotypical Mafia leader as of yet, and this has resulted in fans bombarding his Twitter account with pleas for an announcement.

Is Mark Hamill the voice actor for Don Corneo?

Again, Mark Hamill hasn’t been confirmed as the voice of Don Corneo as of writing.

This means the voice could plausibly be that of another unannounced actor, but it’s still 99% likely that the face of Star Wars will be confirmed in the very near future.

Not only because Corneo sounds like the Joker’s twin, but because Hamill has previously been in Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura titles such as Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep as Master Eraqus.

This article will be updated when the voice actor for Don Corneo is officially confirmed.

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