The player ratings are out for FIFA 20 and one of the most overrated is Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar.

FIFA 20 is coming out very soon and this means players are throwing tantrums over artificial ratings in a video game that has zero merit. Jadan Sancho is throwing a hissy-fit over his passing and Everton’s Richarlison is as miserable as he looks when he scores, meanwhile Neymar is probably thanking his sponsors for making him higher rated than Kylian Mbappe.

While every FIFA has been the same since making the move to PS3 and Xbox 360 (aside from obvious improvements in visuals), FIFA 20 actually promises to be a worthwhile instalment thanks to EA having finally improved Career Mode rather than just their Ultimate Team casino.

One of the aspects of FIFA that always causes a bloodbath online is the ratings of players and how they’re either grossly underrated or overrated. I could definitely bemoan the fact Raul Jimenez is only an 80 while England’s next Everton benchwarmer Marcus Rashford is 82, but instead I’ll moan and complain about the players who EA have unjustly put on a pedestal as the best.

Mats Hummels – 87

Mats Hummels should only be one of the 27 best defenders in the game as a Borussia Dortmund player if we’ve travelled back in time to 2012.

Even though he’s only 30-years-old, father time has clearly ruined him as he’s nowhere near as reliable a defender as he once was when winning Bundesligas with both Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

An embodiment of this being true is Bayern Munich allowing Hummels to return to Borrussia Dortmund with everyone regarding the transfer as one of the worst of the summer. And this was in a summer transfer window that saw Arsenal “improve” their defence by signing the Premier League’s Sideshow Bob, David Luiz.

In short, Hummels should not have the same rating as Thiago Silva and especially Manchester City’s Aymeric Laporte.

Matthijs de Ligt – 85

Picking on another defender, it’s way too early to say that Matthijs de Ligt is deserving of an 85 rating.

Yes, he had an incredible season with Ajax next to Manchester United escapee Daley Blind, but he’s still only 20-years old and he’s only had one breakthrough season.

He has all the potential to be the best defender in the world, but are we really going to pretend at his age that he’s better than Harry Maguire who is only rated at 82? And this is coming from a bloke who cannot stand the English bias and how Maguire has become a national darling for having a huge head.

There are greater injustices in the game such as Arsenal’s Mustafi having an 83 instead of an 8.3, but De Ligt is one of the more overrated examples especially when he’s struggling in Serie A for Juventus.

David De Gea – 89

David De Gea has been one of the best goalkeepers in the world thanks to being the only reliable player for Manchester United ever since David Moyes, but he lost his Hercules form in the 18/19 season and has yet to recover it.

He made an unprecedented amount of mistakes last season such as against Chelsea and Manchester City, and he’s continued this bad patch of form with another fatal error against Crystal Palace.

It’s good news that Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak is recognised as the best keeper in the world at 91 with Liverpool’s Alison Becker just behind at 90, but how can EA justify rating De Gea higher than Man City’s Ederson? It’s impossible.

Aside from De Gea, former Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is also overrated at 88 as he’s in the worst form of his career due to not being able to close his legs.

Paul Pogba – 88

Moving onto another Manchester United player, it’s time to sound like Graeme Souness by blasting Paul Pogba.

The Manchester United and French star can be the best midfielder in the Premier League when he wants to be, but the issue is he had only one world class performance away at Tottenham last season, and one before in the 4-2 victory over Manchester City at the Etihad.

Most of the time pundits, newspapers and fans are talking about him as a waste of a talent rather than a fulfilled prophecy, which makes his 88 rating all the more sickening when it’s earned because of his social media presence and name rather than shown ability on the pitch. And don’t tell me it isn’t when the Michael Jackson wannabe Jesse Lingard is overrated at 82.

Pogba shouldn’t be rated anywhere near as high as influential stars such as David Silva and Christian Eriksen, and if you think he should then you need to stop dabbing.

Thomas Muller – 86

Muller used to be one of the brightest players for Bayern Munich and Germany, but he has become a shell of his former self over the past few seasons.

He only scored six goals during the 18/19 season with Bayern Munich in 32 Bundesliga matches, and in the season before he only netted 8 times in 29.

When Raul Jimenez only has an 80 despite scoring 13 goals with 7 assists in his debut Premier League campaign, it makes you wonder what Muller has done to still be rated in the top 100 players in FIFA 20.

Neymar – 92

Obvious inclusions could’ve been Luka Modric, Phillippe Coutinho or Paulo Dybala, but instead I’m going with the third highest rated player in the game Neymar.

Admittedly some of it has to do with not liking the diving cheat and his tantrums on and off the pitch, but most of it is to do with the fact that he’s the third best player in the world according to EA Sports. And, to quote the legendary Roy Keane, give me a break!

There is no way Neymar should be considered the third best player in the world when he’s only the second best for PSG behind Kylian Mbappe.

Speaking of the man fans call a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, how is it that he’s only an 86 when Neymar is a 92? Was it one of the conditions EA had to fulfil to have the prima-donna in the game and to stop him from crying?

Mbappe scored 33 goals in 29 Ligue 1 matches last season with 7 assists, meanwhile Neymar only managed 15 goals in the 17 matches he could be bothered to play when not celebrating his sister’s birthday.

I would also argue that Eden Hazard, Keven De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and so many others are better than Neymar because there’s no way the Brazilian is in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

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