Der Pass: Is season 2 confirmed? Sky Atlantic viewers react to gripping finale!

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The first season of Der Pass has just come to an end on Sky Atlantic but will the series return?

Sky Atlantic is undoubtedly best known for its big blockbuster TV shows such as HBO's Game of Thrones and Chernobyl but when those series aren't airing, what else is shown on the channel?

Well, for viewers over the past few weeks, one of the available shows has been the German murder mystery series Der Pass, also known in some parts of the world as Pagan Peak, which came to an end on Wednesday, September 11th.

The series follows a pair of detectives as they work to solve a stomach-churning ritualistic murder in the freezing Alps near the German-Austrian border but not all is as it seems and they uncover a mystery far more sinister. 

What is Der Pass about?

When a gruesomely arranged murder scene is discovered in the German-Austrian Alps, two detectives are tasked with solving the disturbing case.

However, the detectives - one a German rookie facing the first challenge of their career and the other a seasoned and world-weary Austrian - begin to realise that they've stumbled on a mystery far more sinister than originally thought.

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Will there be a second series?


It was announced back in February 2019 that Der Pass would, in fact, be getting a second series.

As things stand though, there is no word on when Der Pass will be returning to Sky Atlantic here in the UK but with the series originating in Germany back in January 2019, it will undoubtedly return to screens there first before eventually heading to the UK. 

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What did viewers make of the season 1 finale?

Shows that make their way onto Sky Atlantic often have a very good reputation and it sounds like fans of Der Pass are going to miss the series now it's come to an end. 

If you've missed any of Der Pass, the full series is available to stream now on Sky's NOW TV streaming service.

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