Netflix: Five hilarious jokes about wife Nia Hill from Bill Burr: Paper Tiger!

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger

If you're looking for a good laugh, Bill Burr and Netflix have you covered.

If you're a fan of Bill Burr, chances are you're not the type to be easily offended. 

He's never scared to make a joke about anything, and recently, it seems Netflix is totally unafraid to platform such comedy.  One of the more recent to attract scorn from both critics and audiences is Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones. Since the streaming service put it out in August the comedian has lost many fans, but then again, plenty have loved it - such is comedy. 

The latest controversial stand-up special they've offered is from 51-year-old Bill Burr and is called Paper Tiger. He's well known for playing Patrick Kuby in the acclaimed series Breaking Bad, but that's not the only popular show he's in that Netflix fans will love. He created and starred in the animated sitcom F Is for Family, but he's back and at his most outrageous in this latest stand-up, and one thing fans can't get enough of is the jokes involving Nia. 

Bill Burr speaks onstage at the Netflix Adult Animation Q&A and Reception on April 20, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger

His sixth stand-up special isn't gonna be everybody's cup of tea, but if you've seen the last five and are still turning up to share the laughs, Bill Burr is obviously one for you. 

It landed on Tuesday, September 10th 2019 and already some of its more outlandish and memorable jokes are doing the rounds. There's a lot to digest, but most will tell you that the highlights are all about his wife, Nia Renèe Hill. 

The pair have been married since 2013 and their daughter Lola was born in 2017. She's an actress and has collaborated with Bill on more than one occasion. Most notably, she provides the voice for Georgia Roosevelt on the aforementioned F For Family; other projects include Santa Clarita Diet (Leslie) and Crashing

The best Nia Jokes

Along with dragging up his thoughts on Nia's love of The Real Housewives, he gets into talking about married life. 

Sure, he says he absolutely loves being married, but luckily for fans, the comedian in him knows how to channel the downs into solid material. "We do argue all the time. If I've learned anything from five years of being married, it's that we're always working on me," he says.

"Evidently my wife is a completed work under museum glass that is to be admired and studied like 'hmm, how did she do that?'"

He says she'll often say to him during arguments: "I just don't understand, where is this coming from?" His hilarious reply is "honey, how many childhood stories do I have to tell you before you follow the trail of breadcrumbs to the lunatic that you married."

She's defended his comedy in the past, and of course, it's all about making people laugh - it shouldn't be taken too seriously. In one moment, he talks about how he makes a lot of efforts to be good (ie. taking out the trash etc.). After praising himself, he says: "all she [Nia] has on me is who I am as a person. If I could just not be who I was when she met me I'd have a shot."

Have another!

One night, he says they're fighting about what to watch on TV, as he likes sports and she likes Real Housewives-type shows. After a compromise, they land on a documentary and watch one on Elvis Presley. Bill lists off all the mistakes that the King of Rock and Roll made, and the elephant in the room quickly becomes the racist content in the doc. 

He turns it off and she asks instantly "why did you shut it off?" to which he replies "because you're about three minutes away from yelling at me like I produced this music." They then argue about Elvis appropriating black culture - he does a whole bit and the audience reaction is one of the best of the night. 

If you haven't already, head over to Netflix and stream it now! 

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