Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father has introduced us to some weird and wonderful characters including a new addition to the Whitehall family.

Thanks to Netflix and its never-ending drive to remain as the dominant force in the streaming industry, we’ve been treated to some fascinating original content in the past few years and Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father is no exception.

The series has offered up a captivating glimpse into the lives of Jack Whitehall and father Michael as they travel the world conjuring up some moments of comedy gold along the way. 

One unique feature in the show is the creepy doll known as Winston Whitehall which, has got us toeing the line of whether or not we should be laughing or crying out in sheer terror.

But just where did the Chucky-esque doll come from? 

Who is Winston Whitehall and where did he come from?

Winston is a Luk Thep doll which Jack and Michael Whitehall ‘adopted’ during their visit to Thailand in the very first season of Travels with My Father as it bore a startling resemblance to Jack.

Luk Thep dolls are supposedly a good luck charm but we’re not convinced and apparently neither is Jack. It’s no surprise either as Winston looks like he could kill you in your sleep.

Ever since then, Winston has been a constant travelling companion on the Travels with My Father adventures.

Why is he brought along?

Winston is clearly brought along as an extra layer of humour as the situations that Jack and Michael find themselves in are often made even funnier with the addition of the nightmare-inducing doll.

A particular highlight came in season 2 when Jack threatened to irradiate Winston as the show toured the infamous Chernobyl powerplant and the neighbouring town of Pripyat. 

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A life of his own

Aside from his regular appearances in Travels with My Father, Winston has been taking on a life of his own online and has several social media accounts to his name, which are in truth run by Michael and Jack Whitehall.

On the social media accounts in question, over on Twitter and Instagram, we see Winston getting up to all sorts and in one video, Michael even takes him paddling in the sea. It would be adorable if the doll didn’t look like a demonic murder toy.

With season 3 of Travels with My Father coming to an end and likely bringing an end to the show, it’s unlikely that Winston will ever be seen again on our TV screens.

Although, part of us wants to see a spin-off series where Winston and Jack take on the world in a new series of adventures, Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Doll, perhaps?

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