What happened to SeaNanners? Is the YouTube star offline for good?

SeaNanners Webcam

YouTube star SeaNanners was one of the site's biggest creators but for the last 18 months, he's been absent from his channel.

In a world where every kid with a camera and an internet connection is trying to become YouTube's next big star, it's strange to see one of the site's biggest and most well-known creators just disappear from the site seemingly without any explanation.

Well, that's the case for the YouTube star SeaNanners who has not been active on YouTube since May 2018, leaving a subscriber following of 5.5 million people without any videos for well over a year now.

The YouTuber's absence from the site has, of course, got people worried about the once regular uploader but this mysterious tale is far less exciting than many suspected.

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SeaNanners Webcam

Who is SeaNanners?

SeaNanners, whose real name is Adam Montoya, is (or at least was) primarily a gaming YouTuber whose videos on everything from Garry's Mod to Star Wars: Battlefront II regularly earned over one million views per video.

After joining YouTube way back in 2009, SeaNanners' videos have earned well over 2.5 billion views in total which make his disappearance from the site all the more bizarre for his millions of fans. 

SeaNanners' last upload

In the months and weeks preceding his departure from YouTube, SeaNanners' upload schedule had slowed dramatically and has obviously now stopped entirely. 

Nanners' most recent video dropped on May 14th, 2018, a full two months after the video preceding it.

The video in question sees Nanners take on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) on mobile in a video that does lack the guile and gusto of his other work, for example, the limitless amount of Gmod prop hunt videos on the channel. 

Where is SeaNanners now?

Despite SeaNanners all but disappearing from his own channel and Twitter page, which has also been dormant since May 2018, he has still made a number of appearances on streams and in videos for other creators in the industry.

In November 2018, SeaNanners appeared in a Shaun 'Hutch' Hutchinson stream over on Twitch and explained that his absence from YouTube is not necessarily permanent, he's just taking an extended break from content creation.

He explained that he had been working himself too hard to meet the challenging demands of the YouTube industry and wanted some time to himself. He also revealed that he had been looking at investing in the real estate industry in order to start generating some extra income with YouTube's ad revenue streams fluctuating as the site hit controversy after controversy.

Most recently, SeaNanners has appeared alongside fellow YouTuber ChilledChaos as the pair have appeared in a number of gaming videos together in the past few months and as recently as August 2019.

Whether we'll see Adam Montoya return to making videos on the SeaNanners channel or not remains to be seen but his fans, no doubt, still live in hope of an eventual return.

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