Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father has just returned for a third season but is this the end of the road?

As one of the UK’s top comedians, Jack Whitehall was always destined to get a series on Netflix and what a series that turned out to be in the form of the hilarious and touching Travels with My Father which has just returned to the global streaming service for a third season.

The series sees Jack Whitehall travelling the globe with his father, former theatre agent Michael Whitehall. 

The pair have been involved in all sorts of antics since the show first came to Netflix back in 2017.

However, given the way that the newly released season three comes to a close, it looks like Travels with My Father could, in fact, be coming to an end altogether.

Travels with My Father season 3

While seasons 1 and 2 of Travels with My Father saw the Whitehalls travel to the likes of Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe respectively, the new third season follows them on a whistle-stop tour of the USA’s west coast, taking in the sights of Los Angeles, Arizona and Las Vegas.

Just like the first two series, Jack has planned an outrageous lad and dad itinerary which features the likes of naked yoga, wrestling training a car chase experience and a western shooting range. 

However, it’s a Las Vegas performance of the stage show Magic Mike that proves to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Michael.

Will there be a season 4?

At the time of writing, Netflix has not confirmed whether or not Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father will be returning for a fourth season.

And when you take the final few moments of season 3 into account, prospects for a fourth season aren’t looking likely.

Is this the end?

The final scene of Travels with My Father shows Jack and Michael enjoying a rooftop bar in Las Vegas.

In a seriously heart-warming moment, the pair discuss their time together in America before getting onto the fact that, at the ripe old age of 79, Michael Whitehall is probably getting too old to continue working on the show, something that could have counted towards this season only having two episodes.

It’s a lovely moment that shows that the pair still very much love and care for each other but it definitely hints at the fact that this could well be an emotional goodbye to the show we’ve fallen in love with over the past few years.

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