Netflix: Fans divided over the death of Marina in Elite season 2

Marina Elite

Elite season 2 is here and Marina's season 1 death is brought right back into centre-stage for the second series

If you're looking for somewhere with an abundance of teen dramas and murder mysteries, then Netflix is the place for you.

Not only does the streaming service boast the renowned 13 Reasons Why but also features similar shows such as The A List and Elite which has just returned for a second season after the show made its debut in 2018.

The series follows a number of school students from working-class backgrounds after they start a new life at one of the most exclusive schools in Spain.

However, the class divide between the new additions and the school's wealthy regulars soon brings about a shocking twist as a student is murdered. 

What is Elite about?

As mentioned, the first season of Elite follows a group of working-class students as they start life at a new school which just happens to be one of the most exclusive and expensive private schools in Spain.

The class divide between the students leads to growing tensions as the series progresses and it is revealed at the end of season 1 that a student, Marina, was murdered.

Season 2 continues on from that as another student goes missing in relation to getting Marina's murderer brought to justice. 

Elite Netflix

Who is Marina?

Marina, played by 23-year-old actress María Pedraza, is the daughter of a wealthy and corrupt property developer.

Throughout season 1 she's shown to be a nasty piece of work and it's safe to say that her death at the hands of fellow student Polo has brought about mixed reactions from the show's fanbase.

Marina Elite Netflix

Fan reaction to her death

Elite season 2 released on Netflix on September 6th, 2019 and is available to stream now.

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